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12% Off All Hardware and Starter Kits

Includes all mods, batteries, tanks and accessories.
Never Expires

12% Off The Build Your Own Vaporizer Kit

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Save 12% On The Pro II Starter Kit

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Buy 3 30ml E-Juice & Get The 4th Free

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Get 12% Off The Edge

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Save Money With Vaporfi

Vaporfi’s hardware and e juice are among the top-rated among vapers across the country. Clients have come to associate this company with solid build quality and excellent e juice. It’s great to discover that the firm you want to shop with also makes vaping affordable in a variety of ways. Vapers do not have to compromise quality for savings when they shop with this Florida-based firm.

Vaporfi consistently turns up at the top of the e-cig top-ten charts, so you probably expect their product pricing to be moderate if not cheap. You will definitely pay a little more for quality, but there are ways of saving money, even with top brands. Here are some ways you can save money with Vaporfi.

Join their Club

VaporfiE liquid is one of the products Vaporfi is best known for. Their custom blending, numerous pre-mixed flavors, and now the Reserve collection for cloud chasing are all great value.

You can create a blend or stick with someone else’s inspiration and ask for up to 24 mg of nicotine. It costs only $15.99 for a 30-ml bottle of the usual stuff which is already a bargain, but you could save even more by joining their Blend of the Month Club.

Sign up for $15.99 monthly and receive a single 30-ml bottle of the newest monthly flavor blended from half propylene glycol and half vegetable glycerin. That’s the same price as usual but for an untried selection the public has not been introduced to.

Where is the savings? Club members receive access to exclusive contests and discounts and also get the chance to critique each new juice.

Flavor Enhancers

Are you dithering over what to do with an e juice you don’t like? Whether you bought it from Vaporfi or a competitor, there’s a chance of improving the flavor with Vaporfi flavor enhancers. Save your dud liquid rather than wasting it.

Home Delivery

Eventually, vapers develop a routine. They know that every 4 weeks they will have vaped a certain amount of e juice: 40 ml perhaps. They have determined which styles they like most and the nicotine value they want.

All that remains is to place the order every month, which is one more tedious job amid a list of regular tasks. It makes sense to set up automatic shipments of e liquid if your order remains consistent.

Save time but also save money: discounts apply to automatic shipments, yet there is no contract to sign. Stop the program whenever you want with no penalty.

Shop and Save

With Vaporfi, you earn points just by ordering batteries, e juice, tanks, and accessories. Every $1 you spend earns you a point. Once you reach 200 points you earn $20, but only to spend online with Vaporfi.

Other ways to earn points include sharing purchases on social media, writing reviews, and enjoying another birthday. If the friend you referred to Vaporfi makes a purchase, both of you celebrate the savings.

The e juice selection at Vaporfi, their regular blend with 70% propylene glycol, is good stuff. Vapor juice is made with careful attention to safety using USP-grade bases in a US lab approved by the FDA and even FDA-approved recipes. Their glycerin is extracted from Malaysian palm for the sake of people with peanut allergies.

What customers might not have known is that, at $15.99 for 30 ml, Vaporfi e liquid is some of the best-priced juice around costing a little over 50 cents per/ml. Gourmet brands are priced around $22 for 30 ml. Save money just by shopping Vaporfi instead.

When you purchase a new e cig, buy the starter kit. These are created with convenience in mind. A Pro, Rocket, Rebel, or Vox kit contains the full electronic cigarette or APV plus charging equipment, extra coils and other items, but for less than customers would pay to buy each item separately.

More Savings

Vaporfi runs a regular “Blend of the Month” club. Join to receive discounts on all kinds of things, including e liquids, but also hardware. Arrange to have e juice, coils, and batteries delivered to your door at regular intervals and Vaporfi rewards you with 10% purchases, but you do not have to sign a contract. Benefits stack up for customers.

Rewards and Savings

Rewards Points are also added to your account every time you buy a product. Write reviews, share your purchases on Facebook, and refer friends to the Vaporfi catalogue. All the while your account is growing until you wind up with enough points to buy your next vaping system or the discount that makes it affordable.

Clip Virtual Coupons

Few people clip coupons from newspapers these days and how would one use them online anyway? The way to go is virtual coupon codes.

Once you get to the check out, type in a series of numbers and letters which gain you access to savings on a first order, a particular product, a starter kit, or whatever the coupon is for. You will find these on Vaporfi’s website, offered by affiliate marketers with their blogs, e cig forums, and online pages dedicated to sharing news about electronic cigarette savings.

VaporFi Rocket Coupon

This is one of the most requested items we get.  The product is among the top rated products in the entire industry, so if you are looking for one, know that any Vaporfi redeem code will work to cash in when you buy this product.  You can even use a gift card to purchase one their official website.  Many people ask us if we have a VaporFi free shipping coupon code, but know that they almost always run sales and when they do that, many times you’ll see that your items are NOT charged shipping.

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