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They aren’t as big a dot on the e cig radar these days as they were when electronic cigarettes were a relatively new concept for the American public. That’s a shame because Bull Smoke invites consumers to save money every day. You don’t need a sale to make an affordable purchase with this western-themed vaping company. All you have to do is get online.

Bull Smoke Coupon Codes, Discounts and Promotions

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Bull Smoke Savings

They used to offer two starter kits but these were virtually the same. Only the flavors changed between them. Today, the Ranch Hand is your one choice; like a Halo G6 starter kit or Vaporfi Express. The single format is simple; there isn’t a ton of choices to work your way through, and with just 10 flavor options you won’t be dithering over the menu for long either. Pay only $29.95 and feel like you just committed highway robbery, Wild West style.

Discount at Bull Smoke

In spite of their already-low prices, Bull Smoke makes you a deal. Use their “Prancercise” coupon code and take 20% off the price of anything you buy on the website. This “limited time offer” was launched over a year ago, so it’s not all that limited, but customers should take advantage before Bull Smoke switches to some other promotion. Chances are, however, that the next one will be just as good. Coupon codes don’t go away; they just get new names.


Buy multiple batteries at Bull Smoke and save. A single battery (any color, size, automatic, or manual) is priced $14.95. If you order 5 of them the price is $59.95. That amounts to $12 each.

Disposable Bull Smoke

It’s okay to be wary of e cigs: vaping makes a big change from smoking. Ease in gently with an affordable $5 disposable. That gives you more than a cigarette-pack’s worth of puffing to decide if you like the feel of e cigs.

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