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Here are the latest Direct Vapor coupon codes, discounts and deals for 2017 to help you save on your purchase:

Free Shipping - No Minimum

Along with already great pricing, this vape shop also offers a number of great ways that will help you save, such as their price match guarantee, and their 60 day warranty and 15 day return policy.

They are also one of the first shops to receive the most recently released devices if you like to be one of the  first people to try out a vape mod.

Direct Vapor For 2017

Looking back over the past year or two, Direct Vapor has been one of the favorite e cig companies for customers who prefer to shop online. They have racked up a tremendous amount of internet commentary in a short time, most of it good.

Low prices are the top selling point at Direct Vapor; regular, everyday pricing that is not affected by coupons or deals. It is always an inexpensive place to shop for gear on two conditions: you don’t mind using e-commerce and; you are looking for equipment suited to experienced vapers only.

Not for Newbies

That’s the one drawback I can see of dealing with Direct Vapor. Say you were looking for a really simple starter kit. A friend is just beginning to vape and the eGo format is your favorite for this person. The EVOD 650mAh VV is the smallest battery here.

Mind you, that is about as small as any major online dealer provides, but the number of starter kits for total newbies is extremely limited. Still, customer service won’t hesitate to talk you through a more advanced product or supply suggestions as to what will be easiest for a relatively new vaper to make sense of.

Excellent for Advancement

Then again, once you are on your way to cloud-chasing, probably no one serves a vaper better. This American store has got all-in-one vaporizers like the AIO from eVic, Aspire’s Plato, and the Kanger Nebox. These systems don’t offer the maximum power possible, but they supply compact design and tank protection.

Mechanical Devices

Mechanical, unregulated devices have lost their appeal it would seem now that regulated, VW and Temp Control vaporizers have become such big business for online sellers. At Direct Vapor, they tell readers that vapers frequently regard mechanical mods as “the purest form of the vape mod.” There is nothing between simple circuits and atomizer resistance to provide extra control or safety. When used with Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, these devices provide a simple experience tech-wise but a lot of clouds. Two items are currently listed under “Mechanical Mods”: Tesla’s THREE 150W and the Wismec Noisy Cricket II D25.

The High End

What does Direct Vapor mean by “High End Mods?” They refer to high-priced, not necessarily high-power. The SMOK G-PRIV 220W TC Vape Starter Kit is their cheapest entry here at around $95, but the SX Mini Q 200W TC Box Mod is about $190 and another version of that costs $10 more. Lost Vape’s Therion appears affordable by comparison with a price tag of $109.95 while the SMY SDNA 200W TC is currently on sale for $149.95. Read product details and also follow the stars to determine what clients are saying about these and other electronics and tanks from Direct Vapor.

Regular Beauties

And then there are the usual entries by SMOK, Innokin, Kanger, et al. A Sigelei Fuchai 213W PLUS TC Box Mod is priced $63.95. The Aspire Archon 150W TC is $44.95. These are normally-priced items boasting good features and attractive aesthetics, but they are not considered “high end” perhaps because the chipset is made in China. The Innokin iTaste Kroma TC Vape Mod is $52.95. You can buy the SMOK Alien 220W TC Box Mod for $54.95.

Atomizer Tanks from Direct Vapor

The cheapest item on this list is around $9 for the Eleaf GS 2 Air Tank and $11 was the cost of an Innokin Endura on sale. $16 was the next lowest price, then tanks rose steeply to over $20 and closer to $40 or even $50. This is not just a Direct Vapor phenomena but a regular feature of sub ohm pricing which has become steep. Manufacturers charge a premium for the latest technology which includes anti-leaking, upgraded airflow, top-filling mechanisms, extra-special coils, and child-proof locking mechanisms. You’ll see prices come down for all of the currently high-priced items as you watch for sales in 2017. That will be the sign to pay attention for the next tanks to flood this market.

Buying E Liquid Direct

The E liquid section is well stocked here at Direct Vapor. They carry Motley Brew, Vaporfi, Lost Fog, King’s Crest, Element, WYZE, Mad Hatter, and many others. I can sort by e liquid content (Diacetyl-Free, AP & Diacetyl-Free, and Acetyl-Propionyl-Free). There’s the usual flavor filter (dessert, fruit, candy, tobacco, menthol, and others). Surprisingly, only 10 of the flavors listed contain tobacco flavor and they are made by Vaporfi, Motley Brew, Ripe Vapes, and Cosmic Charlie.

Divide by Deals

Let’s get to the really good stuff, the deals. I started with their “Deals of the Week” which included the Innokin Cortex TC iSub 80W kit for $39.95. They were listing a Wismec Neutron RDA by JayBo Designs for $22.95. An Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi-Watt Sub-Ohm Tank was listed at $22.95. No one had yet rated the Neutron, but the others have high ratings from clients.

Clearance items included the Horizon Phantom, listed at $9.95, a Joyetech eGrip OLED CL Kit for $39.95, and the Cyclone TC Sub Ohm Tank from Sense for $17.97. Actually, there are plenty of good tanks on sale right now. This is a good time to browse sub ohm savings.

One can also sign up for deals. Join the Direct Vapor mailing list to receive more discounts, alerts when products are released, and other special events. Additionally, coupon codes on the internet provide access to a further 5% off or more.

Direct Vapor Online Ease

I was browsing the website on my mobile phone while, for some reason, PC access was down. I found the mobile site easy to navigate and well-organized. Direct Vapor has invested in web development for the mobile generation.

Their pricing is easy to love. Who can complain about the deals here? First, there are the savings listed above which apply to both particular items and general sales. Then there are bundles I didn’t even touch on which offer the sub ohm vaper a chance to build a custom kit and save money. Thirdly, their selection leans towards a respectable price range anyway — not mods built for three weeks of vaping, nor collectors’ items. Overall, shopping here is easy. Costs are competitive and often among the lowest the internet has to offer.

The people at Direct Vapor love what they do. The vaping industry fascinates them with its constantly changing repertoire, the new names and ideas emerging to improve vaping or make it safer virtually every day, and the challenge of making the industry part of the cultural norm.

They love bringing smokers to a place where they can live healthier lives with vapor and electronics while offering the lowest prices available.

Vaping Can Be Expensive

Obviously, the way to save money is to not smoke OR vape, but that’s unrealistic. People need an alternative, and vaping has often looked like the cheaper one. The element that can make vaping so expensive, however, is that it’s less an addiction and more of a hobby.

Consumers grow interested in the technology behind their new love and the various levels of vaping expertise they can achieve as represented by numerous helpful shopping categories on the Direct Vapor website.

Vapers are fascinated by developments from variable wattage “Twist” batteries to variable wattage mods to Variable Wattage and Temperature Control. They follow the progress of coil manufacturing from low resistance to sub ohm resistance to temperature sensitive coils, new metals in use to build heating elements, and changes in wicking manufacture (from cheap fiber to organic cotton and ceramic wicks.)

They explore the various coil builds (Clapton, single, double, triple, etc.) and also the possibility of building their own.

Bluetooth compatibility has changed the industry too, giving vapers the chance to enjoy a stripped-down, display-free look with just a single power button and operate everything via remote control on their phones.

An even more stripped-down look goes completely low-tech: the mechanical mod. Expert vapers use this variety of vaping device to connect more fully with the entire process.

E juice manufacturers come out with new flavors and methods of mixing. They improve previous potions by providing more vegetable glycerin for sub ohms and they add dimensions no one has thought of before.

These respond to precision controls on your device. E juice gourmets supply countless, flavorful choices and some vapers can’t help but try to taste them all.

Of course, vaping can be expensive if you can’t help but purchase the most expensive e liquids, every new mod that comes out, plus the various upgrades available in the tank department.

Keeping Prices Low at Direct Vapor

How does Direct Vapor help you stay inside of a budget then? Compare prices at a small mom & pop vape store with those available here.

Direct Vapor’s are a lot lower. They manage this by ordering huge amounts of everything to make the most of wholesale discounts.

Larger volume orders cost far less per unit than small orders. Direct Vapor is also the main retailer for a lot of the brands you know, love, and rely on in this field. That brings prices down even further.

Not only can you be sure these are authentic Kanger, Innokin, and Sigelei products, but Direct Vapor passes on low prices secured through their behind-the-scenes deals plus some additional deals when stock needs to move.

Add the promise of free shipping to that arrangement, available without a minimum order, and you’ll be amazed at how inexpensive vaping can be.

Starter Bundles

Add one more way to save money at Direct Vapor in the form of starter kits. A starter kit is a set of pieces which operate well together and which allow you to start vaping right away.

Sometimes they come with e juice or they might not, but they are always cheaper than buying pieces separately. The inclusion of e juice can seem a little too personal.

Having someone select which tank to go with what mod plus a battery and charger is a big help sometimes because they will certainly function well together and look right. There are a lot of e juice choices, though. If you find selection in this area a little overwhelming, however, check out options with bottles included.

E Juice Bundle

Here’s a really specific kit; the Subvod by Kanger plus their SubTank Nano and a bottle of Catch Ya Latte by Vaporfi. This comes with five 0.5-ohm SSOCC replacement coils, the 1300mAh Subvod battery, a 3.2-ml Nano tank, and a selection of colors.

The VPark Mini Bundle also comes with e liquid. The VPark 30W is paired with a Maxtank, charger, coil, drip tip, and 30 ml of Galactica e juice by Space Jam. It tastes like strawberries and champagne.

E Juice-Free Bundle

Select the Eleaf iStick bundle with the 2200mAh, 30W mod, and one of three possible tanks:

• the iSub Apex by Innokin
• an Eleaf Melo 2
• the Kanger Subtank Mini

This set also arrives with a USB cable and instructions plus some spare parts for whichever tank you select.

A starter kit like the Sigelei 213 Bundle comes with removable batteries which are not usually included in a mod purchase. You get the mod with 213W, TC capacity, one of three possible tanks, and two Efest cells.

You only need to add a charger and e juice if you don’t already own those. Possible tanks are the Sigelei Moonshot, Crown by Uwell, and the Baijiada Mermaid V2 by Sense. Certain kits contain the charger as well.

E Juice at Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor promises to supply quality e juice only. That’s why the menu isn’t as long as it is some places; Direct Vapor is discerning. They carry Vaporfi, Space Jam, and Motley Brew; Halcyon, Cosmic Fog, and Element.

Sort them by name, price, PG/VG ratio, or by flavor profile (fruit, tobacco, etc.). Direct Vapor won’t sell e juice containing diacetyl or acetyl propionyl, at least not knowingly. That’s a promise.

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