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How do you like a company introduction that begins “I’m Eric, welcome to the site?” That’s how newcomers to Discount Vapers are greeted by Discount Vapers’ owner and operator. His company exists to offer unique items and to save vapers money simultaneously. He also educates his readers and customers using his firm’s website as the medium.

Website Education

Under the heading “Learn” there are several sub-headings featuring links about topics like “batteries,” “basics for newbies,” and “ohms, resistance, and voltage.” There was a time when you had to know the relationship between resistance and voltage in order to set up a system because Variable Wattage had not been introduced. Without this technical knowledge, you could hurt yourself.

Company Background

Eric’s introduction appeals to the common ground; he is just like readers. The owner began to vape for the same reasons his customers did (one must assume he was a smoker, but he does not come out and say as much).

He was disappointed in other vaping businesses and grew curious, so much so that he wanted to improve the industry. Namely, Discount Vapers was created to assist customers and remove the confusion about what they were buying.

Eric commits to improving the vaper’s experience with an honest, personal approach and to respond to your queries or needs. Unlike many firms, his is not a “faceless company”; he aims to “serve.” This entrepreneur takes the hands-on approach of testing products as often as he can so as to provide honest summaries and be prepared to answer questions knowledgeably.

Open Doors

It’s nice to feel welcome, especially by a small-business owner who must not have a lot of time on his hands. Often, those who have the least time are most apt to give it which is why they are so busy. Eric invites customers to contact him to suggest a purchase, comment on a purchase, or ask a question.

He also confesses right away that items run out daily and he has to re-order. His position as one of the small vendors prevents this businessman from keeping a huge warehouse full of items at this time, but with your support, that could change. Meanwhile, expect to be treated to low prices and excellent service; that’s a promise Eric makes.

50% Off

Sales are first in the line of left-hand sub-headings. Everyone loves a sale. Many items are novelties or accessories: suction cups, can coolers, and a key ring, for instance. Some are accessories such as Aspire tube sleeves. A number of clearomizers are listed here, the Innokin Disrupter, and a mechanical mod. If an item is sold out, the fact is indicated clearly.

Featured Products

Items by Eleaf, Aspire, Anyvape, Kanger, and Joyetech are listed under “Featured Products.” One can tell from this list that Direct Vapors caters to an intermediate-to-advanced audience of shoppers with lots of choice for eGo users. Listings include the CUBIS Pro Tank, TopTank Mini, an EVOD Pro Starter Kit, and the Eleaf Melo 3.

Vapor Brands

Shop at Discount Vapers for specific brands featured on the sidebar. They include Kanger, Eleaf, Direct Vapers, and Aspire. Discount Vapers is currently building their brand and it contains mostly eGo batteries. Costs are low and power ranges from 650mAh to 1100mAh with a Twist on the list too. Kanger is well represented with the EVOD Mega Simple, EMOW, SUBVOD, and more.

More Deals

At the bottom of the sidebar, customers will see two more savings opportunities. They’re kind of funny: Bargain Bin and Broken Stuff. One finds overstock and errors in the Bargain Bin. Also, some items were for testing purposes and might not have been very good. They let you know, though, if this is the case. Take a chance and save a dollar or two. Every product was purchased new.

Why would anyone sell broken stuff? Eric says that people often ask for broken things so they can fix their good devices and play around. He advises you not to buy from this part of the website unless you can use the parts and are able to fix items. The two listed when I went searching were both chargers and he is very clear about their poor safety. Buy at your own risk.


Discount Vapers is located in Gotha, Florida, but don’t stop by. They aren’t open for customers to walk in; the firm is based out of someone’s home. Send an email ticket for more information. Although Eric welcomes your comments, he says they are very busy. Shipping is lightning fast. Try the FAQ on his contact page before emailing.

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