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There should be a category dedicated to top cigalikes, ignoring brands producing eGos and APVs. South Beach Smoke and Vaporfi might be winning accolades from shoppers as much for their selection of high-end gear as for any one item, and that makes it hard to sort good e cig from great ones.

Their e juice selections complicate matters even more. How would the top-five list appear if it was dedicated only to cigalikes? The list would undoubtedly include Green Smoke, probably White Cloud, maybe Halo, perhaps V2 Cigs, and definitely Eversmoke.

Here are the latest Eversmoke coupon codes and discounts for 2017:

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Eversmoke Electronic Cigarettes

This is Eversmoke’s forté: supporting smokers in their life-saving choice to try vaping as an alternative. Vaping is not a means of smoking cessation but has helped thousands of consumers stop smoking anyway as they switch to this nicotine delivery system. Eversmoke has been with consumers for several years, carrying just one type of device: the kind made to look a lot like a real cigarette; the one that is most likely to attract a long-time smoker.

Eversmoke.comEversmoke’s Crisp Website

Their e-commerce site is easy to use and kind on the eyes with its gentle white and green motif. Categories lead consumers to batteries and cartridges. Kits are listed under “E-cigarettes.”

The top bundle right now has to be their amazing deal: $15.99 for 2 batteries (one with extra-capacity, one standard), five cartridges, and a charging set. It only comes in white with automatic batteries but customers can select any flavor or strength they want.

That’s far better than a Reusable Express kit for $29.99. This provides a single rechargeable battery, 2 cartridges, a USB charger, and only two possible flavors containing 18 mg: menthol or Classic Tobacco.

The Basic Kit contains everything you find in a sale-priced item but with one slight change. Customers select white, black, or stainless steel batteries in automatic or manual mode. The Pro Kit for $79.99 adds a car charger and 5 more cartridges. Nearly double the price and add a third battery plus a PCC, case, and 5 more cartridges to see what an Ultimate Starter Kit looks like.

Replace the Cartridges

Pre-filled flavor cartridges are also known as cartomizers: a combination of atomizer with cartridge. Each pack of 15 is priced $39.99 or $99.99 for 45 at once. That’s not good pricing, but the quality of their cartridge flavors is great. Royal Tobacco tastes like Merit or L&M, Golden Tobacco is redolent of the flavors of Camel or American Spirit, and Classic Tobacco is a bit like a Pal Mall cigarette. Try Coffee Creation or Pina Colada for a drink-style vape. Very Vanilla, Menthol, and Peppermint Party provide gently sweet alternatives. Peach Passion and Cherry Crush satisfy a fruity side.


Each high-capacity battery carries a whopping price tag of $22.95 for 350 puffs. Take away $3 for a standard battery (250 puffs) or buy a set of three (either size) priced $49.99 or about $16 each. That’s still a bit much. How can consumers do something about Eversmoke’s higher prices?

Better Pricing

They offer home delivery which knocks down the cost of replacement cartridges sent on a regular schedule. Customers save up points and use them to buy replacement parts. Customers gain reward points by writing reviews, sharing their purchases on Facebook, and referring friends. They apply coupon codes and take advantage of sales to bring down the high price of top-quality equipment.

Quality vs. Price

It’s fair to say that Smokeless Image is much less costly up front. Halo is another excellent contender. Eversmoke is accredited by the BBB, which should give their reputation a bit of a boost in consumers’ eyes, but it’s their amazing batteries that really steal the show. Add the discount above and the price gets much more competitive.

Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke batteries are the same cells: reviewers have had nothing but great things to say about their build quality and charge life. If the short duration of a cigalike battery is holding you back from trying one out, give Eversmoke’s mini cigs a try.

Save Money With Eversmoke

Eversmoke is one of the leading brands of mini cigs in the country. They are owned by IVG: the people behind VaporFi and South Beach Smoke. You know the value at either place is good and the same is true of Eversmoke.

Batteries last a long time and build quality is excellent. Packaging is bright and fresh while customer service wins rave reviews. Customers save money simply by choosing a quality brand. That’s before they take advantage of other offers Eversmoke management has up their sleeves.

Eversmoke Starter Kit Savings

Choose one of several bundles at Eversmoke for around $50 and up. They contain batteries, cartomizers, and chargers, all for less than the price of buying each item one at a time. Buying a set is an economical way to start vaping in the first place, but there is more. You save another 25% off of starter kits by taking advantage of the company’s latest promotion.

Collect Cartomizers

Order lots of cartomizers at once and save money automatically. This is the “bulk buy” rule: when you purchase more of something, the cost of each unit is less. There is also another way to save when you order cartomizers from Eversmoke: arrange home delivery.

Automatically Excellent

This is a program whereby the customer sets a regular delivery interval for cartomizer replacements. Deliveries take place automatically until the customer quits the program which he can do at any time free of charge. There is no sign-up fee and no contract: Eversmoke pays you. Arrange for home delivery and earn a 20% discount. Eversmoke flavors are Peach Passion, Very Vanilla, Pina Colada, Peppermint Party, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, three types of tobacco, and Menthol.

More Ways to Save Money

Don’t forget to scan the web for coupon codes. These turn up on e cig forums, review sites, and special pages designed to promote discounts against all kinds of e-commerce.

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