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Salt Lake City, Utah, has a lot going for it, but I would not have expected an e cig brand to come out of this state. Perhaps it was time to represent this area of the United States, with so many brands of e liquid and e cigs in California and Florida.

Green Smart Living sounds like a plan for reducing your carbon footprint in multiple ways, like using solar power and turning off lights when you aren’t in the room, but it is not. Green Smart Living is a brand of e cig.

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Brand Name

The name “Green Smoke” was taken but this other name does a fairly good job of representing what the brand is about.

Of course, as you can see from the statement above, you would not automatically associate Green Smart Living with e cigs the way you would connect Green Smoke and electronic cigarettes. Maybe that’s the point: get people interested by mistake.

Brand Site

The website is certainly arresting: bright, white, clean, with hints of green all over. The site is also sparse: I couldn’t locate company information unless it was embedded in the blog section. I wasn’t prepared to read all of those posts as there were several, but the location came up somewhere offsite.

Product Selection

Green Smart Living will let you down in this area with their relative lack of goods for sale.

They carry one type of e cig which is fine: so do Green Smoke, not to mention White Cloud (another company relying on a “clean” image for e cigs), Eversmoke, and others.

But at least those companies provide options like multiple starter kits, extra batteries, and ways to enhance vaping should you wish to explore them (more than one type/size of battery and a PCC at Eversmoke.)

They could have also added blank cartridges and a USB cig if Green Smart Living felt like enhancing selection.

Instead, you get one starter kit containing a single rechargeable battery, a USB charger, and two refill cartridges in either Regular or Menthol flavor, 18 mg of nicotine in each one. The white battery arrives in a blister kit, fully charged and ready to go.


There is a section for little extras, but don’t get excited. All you have to choose from are a carry case to hold exactly the contents of the kit, a wall adapter, car charger, and a new USB charger to replace your existing one. Every item costs $5 except the USB priced (strangely) $4.99.


Replacement cartridges are available in 7 flavors which is fine for users of mini cigs and not that unusual. Green Smoke carries 7 (chocolate, their 8th, is being phased out).

Each package of 5 costs $13.95: more than Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, Bull Smoke, and Halo, but less than VaporFi and only a little more than South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke.

Each cartridge contains the standard 0.9 ml of e liquid but that liquid is not standard mini cig fare.

E Liquid at Green Smart Living

This time the juice is American-made using USP-grade ingredients. Halo, VaporFi, and a few other e cig companies are doing the same thing but it’s just as likely your cigalike cartridge will contain Asian juice as American e liquid.

Values of nicotine are 0, 6, and 18 mg: a short array and unusual compared to the typical list also containing a 12-mg and possibly a 24-mg option. Other flavors besides Menthol and Regular include Acai Berry, Strawberry, Clove, and Vanilla. A variety pack containing these flavors is thrown in with every order over $50, and this pack is currently on sale for $5.

Tobacco and the Environment

Green Smart Living hones in on the environmental impact of smoking instead of cost savings of vaping or health concerns. The site goes into statistical detail about the way cigarettes have harmed the natural world and how much rubbish they create. Read this if you want food for thought and a push to get you out of your smoking rut. This angle might also lead you to another product: the GEO.

GEO Disposable

Green Smart Living’s GEO recyclable e cig is a disposable electronic cigarette in 18-mg and 24-mg strengths with Menthol or Tobacco flavoring inside.

They give you (allegedly) the equivalent of almost 2 packs of cigarettes worth of puffing (about 400 puffs) and the company is calling it the world’s first recyclable disposable e cig.

I can’t speak to the veracity of that statement. When did GEO first enter the marketplace?

Any disposable e cig is recyclable: all batteries can be taken to a dedicated depot where all batteries of every type can be dumped.

As for packaging, Green Smart Living has gone for a different look from what you might be accustomed to.

Typically, disposables are blister-packaged or inserted in a tube you can see through. The GEO comes in a cylindrical container that reminds me of fancy toothpaste or deodorant.

Save Money With Green Smart Living

Green Smart Living wants customers to be aware of a few things when they switch to vaping. One is what an amazing thing they are doing for the environment. Read information posted on the site regarding tobacco waste vs. vaping waste, but prepare to be astounded.

Another thing you are doing is improving personal health and improving your quality of life in manifold ways. Finally, with e cigs you can save money. Learn how to keep hold of your hard earned cash with Green Smart Living.

Save Money by Vaping

Most basic starter kits containing a single battery, two cartomizers, and a USB charger cost between $16 and $30 if you can believe it. At Green Smart Living, this is the only sort of kit they carry, but priced $10.99. You could buy two for the usual price of one.

Replacements and Accessories

Every accessory on their list is priced just $1.99 which is not much more than the cost of buying them wholesale. This goes for products such as a wall adapter, a car charger, and also for a case to keep your Green Smart Living e cig and refills tidy.

Upgrade for Less

While you can buy refill cartomizers and continue vaping that way, the cheapest method of smokeless “smoking” is to buy an eGo system and fill a clearomizer with e Juice. Pick up the GEO kit from Green Smart Living for $29.99. Add e juice for just $10.99.

E Juice Sale

There isn’t much to choose from here: Green Smart Living is not an all-purpose, vaping company. When something comes on sale, it stands out. Green Smart Living currently lists their chocolate e juice for sale at $7.99 per bottle.

Proudly Promotional

Look for coupon codes at Green Smart Living and on external coupon websites. You are likely to find a seasonal offer like their current code for 25% off products purchased all summer.

Last Words

Green Smart Living offers free shipping on all US orders but their products are available internationally. They welcome customers to take advantage of a 30-day limited warranty as another incentive (besides green consciousness) to try their products.

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