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This Green Smoke review will look at the product overall but will also consider how you can save money when you become a customer. The company lists numerous ways, encouraging vapers to come on board whether established with some other company or completely new to vaping. Find out more below.

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Starter Kits at Green Smoke

First, let’s look at the starter kits they offer at Green Smoke.

Coupon codes listed at the website and on other e cig websites supply discounts, but Green Smoke has reduced their prices in recent months too. They have 5 options, but the first one only costs $18.49.

At less than $20, it’s one of the cheapest packages of its kind with one battery, a USB charger, and 2 menthol or tobacco cartridges. This is a great starting point if you imagine yourself sticking with the rechargeable format or introducing someone else to this method of “smoking.”

The Premium Kit is even better value but it comes with a lot more gear. Choosing this item marks a commitment to vaping. As for saving money, the best way to do that is to buy a kit that contains everything you plan to use as a regular vaper including multiple batteries, a carry case, and a car charging adapter. You always save money this way. Items sold individually from the Green Smoke catalogue are more expensive.

Even if you are not part of a couple, the Love Birds Kit is excellent value because you receive two Pro Kits (worth $74.05 each) but pay just $129.60 (almost $20 less than double). This gives you 6 batteries, two of each charger, 20 cartridges, and two cases.

That would leave you with enough stuff to leave in the car, at a friend’s house, mom and dad’s place, or the office. Besides, batteries and even chargers only last so long: you will end up replacing them eventually, so buy extras in advance.

Replacing Mini Cig Cartridges

Each flavor of cartridge is available in 5-packs for $12.99. This is above average in the industry, but you can bring that price to lower than average by thinking ahead.

Purchase 20 cartridges at a time and you now pay $9.23 per package of 5 cartridges. Volume shopping almost always pays whether you buy from Green Smoke or some other e cig company.

You can save even more money on the cost of replacements by arranging for automatic shipments to arrive at regular intervals on a non-contract basis. In other words, you are welcome to cancel at any time.

Choose from 8 flavors (soon to be just 7 with Chocolate on its way out). Have your chosen flavor delivered every 4 weeks, for example. You will save 10% on your order besides any savings you realize by ordering bulk amounts.

Save Money With Green Smoke

When smokers first encountered US e cigs, one of the first businesses they were introduced to was Green Smoke. They were drawn to this company’s environmentally friendly image, one they still promote as one of the best-selling electronic cigarette brands. Now, customers also associate Green Smoke with savings, along with a great alternative to smoking.

Low-Priced Starter Kits

They got off to a rocky start with some high-priced bundles. Green Smoke fans were drawn to their extremely fresh, high-quality e juice but they paid a premium for starter kits. Several months ago that all changed as Green Smoke dropped the prices for all of their kits to compete more effectively with other brands like White Cloud and Triple Seven.

Now you can pick up a kit for as little as $18.49 with a three-battery set costing $74.05. The Pro Kit contains ten cartridges, three chargers (USB, AC, and Car), plus a case with those three cells making it the best-value bundle Green Smoke has to offer and their best-selling set as well.


Contracts put people off which is why Green Smoke doesn’t expect customers to sign one when they opt for auto-shipments of cartomizers. Arrange to have a flavor or flavors delivered to your door at regular intervals of your choosing. Quit the program any time you like, but in the meantime, save 10%.

Cartomizer Collection

Even if you wouldn’t like to arrange for automatic shipments every 4 or 6 weeks, it’s possible to save money when ordering their cartomizers. Order 20 packs of 5 instead of singles. This brings the price down from $12.99 each to just $9.97 per package.

Virtual Coupons

The days of clipping coupons are not over; consumers just don’t use scissors anymore. They find coupons online, quoting a series of numbers and letters at the checkout when buying electronic cigarettes. One of these pops up on the Green Smoke website, inviting consumers to save 10% while receiving free shipping.

Other Ways to Save with Green Smoke

Here are some more options at Green Smoke for the vaper who is willing to make a bit of effort. Green Smoke will pay the cost of shipping if you will do your part and collect 80 empty cartomizers at a time, sending them back to headquarters in a pre-paid envelope supplied by Green Smoke.

Once they have your old Green Smoke cartridges, the company rewards you with 26 points. These points amount to enough money to buy more cartridges or you can save them. This is a recycling incentive in line with the company’s green policies. They also encourage individuals to recycle their batteries at local depots and post a phone number on their website you can call to locate the closest one to where you live.

With their reward program, Green Smoke provides 5% of your purchase in points so these add up every time you buy something — anything: replacement batteries, chargers, cases, and cartridges. Reward programs aren’t new as most e cig vendors offer them. What you don’t often see are rewards for recycling and the deal below.

For New Green Smoke Customers with Vaping Experience

The company would like to invite vapers from other brands to consider Green Smoke as an alternative. It is not uncommon for a client to be dissatisfied with some other brand and consider giving up altogether. It costs a lot of money to buy one kit after another; try new batteries and new cartridges by yet another company. Returning to cigarettes looks more tempting with every failed experiment.

Customers become discouraged by the e cig industry when a brand fails to deliver. Green Smoke acknowledges your frustration and makes you this offer: send in the 1-battery/USB kit from another company at Green Smoke’s expense and they will send you their equivalent set (the Essentials Kit valued at $18.49) at no cost. Companies like Cigavette, South Beach Smoke, and Eversmoke all make similar products.

Why Should You Trust Green Smoke?

First of all, you don’t have anything to lose by trusting this business if you were let down by another e cig company. Green Smoke is paying all the costs; customers just need to contact them and perhaps lick an envelope.

Secondly, reviews say this is one of the market’s best companies. Not only are they near the top of the charts in sales and ratings, but they have won business awards. You can read comments by hundreds of customers on their website and off-site pages if you want to learn where their popularity comes from.

Thirdly, Green Smoke e liquid cartridges are excellent products with batch-testing numbers for safety. Although their short list of 8 flavors does not compete with firms like V2 with 12 flavors plus limited edition options, and South Beach Smoke carrying 16 e liquid flavors, quality is more important than quantity. Green Smoke cartridges are sealed three times to ensure they remain fresh. If a customer finds a flavor she loves, she could care less what different flavors other vendors have to offer. She can fall in love with Clove, Vanilla, or Menthol with or without nicotine and stick with her favorite flavor until she either quits vaping or tries intermediate vaping. For a lot of people, the cigalike format is all they ever want.

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