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Cigarette tips just burn, but e cigs glow. You can’t see it from the vaping end, but bystanders really notice that tiny but bright LED tip at the end of your Halo e cig.

These products were the Editor’s Choice at PC Magazine for two years, good enough reason to get to know this long-standing American brand, not just for their lauded flavors but also their exceptional hardware. It’s not just experts who rate Halo highly; customers have placed them near the top of the charts too.

Halo Cigs Coupon Codes For 2017

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A Halo Cigs Review

Here is what you find at Halo.

Overall pricing is affordable and noticeably lower than many company’s pricing (I’m thinking particularly of Vuse and BluCigs).

Their selection of flavors is excellent (consider Green Smoke which does not sell e juice and just about any e cig company whose juice-making conditions and the quality of their ingredients are not stated.)

Battery life is excellent; customer service will win your hardened consumer heart; and flavors are sure to teach your taste buds to love life again.

G6 E Cig Starter Kits
The G6 is a basic kit for those coming to e cigs from the very beginning.

You do not have to start here, and it seems a shame to eschew bright Halo colors for a cigalike pattern of white and tan, but you can take the route if you want to.

Halo respects the timid and the bold vaper alike. Choose from 9 colors which include Lime, Deep Purple, and Titanium.

If you pick a package with pre-filled cartomizers, these will match the batteries’ color.

If you opt for blanks (meaning you have to buy juice separately and fill the cartomizers yourself) it is possible to mix and match.

Choose a five-pack from 9 available pre-filled flavors of Purity e juice. Your two batteries can be automatic, manual, or one of each.

The price is just $44.99 with a case and charging kit.

Halo’s Triton Titan

Most people make a fuss about Halo’s Triton starter kit; this is the one that Halo is proudest of.

It gives clients the chance to vape for longer on one charge and to sample more flavors from their 23 selections of e juice.

If you started with a G6 and are ready for more power, stick with Halo and move on to this big e cig.

The Triton kit for $66.99 contains 2 batteries (you choose the size), 2 Crystal Clear tanks, a cone, charging kit, and a case.

The one thing missing here is a bottle of e liquid and Halo might want to consider throwing in one of their 7ml bottles to sweeten the deal.

If that meant adjusting the price slightly (to $68.99, for instance) as a trade-off, I don’t think customers would mind. That would still be cheaper than buying the kit plus a bottle of e liquid for $5.99 (an excellent price for high-quality juice).

There are 11 colors of Triton by the way: Yellow Jacket, Mocha, and Princess Pink just scratch the surface. At a party, the Halo Triton would appear to be a part of the décor, catching the light from a disco ball, and giving a vaper a surreal glow.

E Liquid at Halo

Let’s get back to the subject of e liquid because, to be honest, that’s what vaping is all about.

Those 23 flavors are so good you will not be limiting yourself to 7ml bottles for long.

Most e juices contain tobacco flavor because the makers of Halo Purity e juice are tobacco connoisseurs.

None of their flavors contain actual tobacco, but they emulate the elements of cigarette, pipe, and cigar styles admirably without compromising quality or flavor.

In fact, vapers are better placed to appreciate these flavors (ironically) than they were as pipe, cigarette, or cigar smokers. A 30-ml glass bottle (7 ml comes in plastic) costs $19.99. While some brands charge just $14.99, you don’t find their juices rubbing shoulders with celebrity juices sold by high-end vape shops. Purity is up there, priced less than those other famous juices but just as good.

Halo makes their products using FEMA/GRAS ingredients and USP-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Bottles are sealed with child-proof caps.

Kringle’s Curse can be equated to a peppermint tobacco: not menthol; something that stands out from the ordinary. Longhorn is a bold fire-cured Corojo and Cavendish mixture. Experience cool menthol e juice: SubZero.

Try a Pina Colada with light menthol when you select Malibu e juice. There are loads more to choose from: some smooth and some bold; many refreshing with mint, others rich with chocolate, or a satisfying blend of both.

Points, Website, and More

I love the Halo website for the way it is laid out, almost like an arcade game, but more professional. Colors and organization provide youthful appeal, but not so youthful that I feel the brand attracts actual youth. Children do not tend to find tobacco appealing the way marshmallow and cotton candy flavored e juices are appealing.

You can be your bold self with their numerous bright-colored e cigs. Loyalty rewards help customers save up for new items: 75 points per $20 spent. Batteries rated 650 mAh cost $16.99 while G6 cells are priced $12.99.

Halo is competitive with their pricing. You could so easily be spending $20 or more for some of the eGo-style batteries from other brands. Here you can buy a 400 mAh or as big as a 1300-mAh Twist at Halo, although their threading is proprietary.

Overall I’m impressed by Halo but it’s time for them to shake things up a little. I see little changes in website presentation. These tiny, subtle, stylistic adjustments don’t mean much to someone who knows the industry well and regularly reviews his options.

I would love it if Halo added a new e-liquid flavor or some excellent new piece of hardware, just to get my attention and attract attention from some of the other vendors. But maybe some of Halo’s appeal is that they don’t play that game.

Save Money With Halo Cigs

Smokers who choose e-cigs instead of cigarettes save money by making this smart move, but also by shopping intelligently. At Halo Cigs there are numerous ways to keep more of your cash for a rainy day and not just because you are thinking ahead, ordering one of the most reliable products on the mini-cig market.

Save Money with Clearance Items

Halo’s e juice might be top-shelf stuff, but not every flavor is as popular as the rest. A few, like Twisted Java, Southern Classic, and HX3 have been added to the company’s “Clearance” section. They cost just $2.99 for 7 ml, which is an amazing bargain. A wall charger for $3.99 is also listed here.

Extra E Liquid

Pick out the larger bottle of e juice when you go shopping. There are over 20 flavors: select a 30-ml bottle of your favorite instead of 7 ml and the price per/ml drops significantly.

Starter Savings

Select a starter kit from their G6 or Triton line and save money. Either one is a better deal than purchasing cartomizers or tanks and e liquid, batteries, and chargers individually. Pick a color and pay one price. You’ll be glad you went with Halo’s quality products.

Promo Codes Online

If you enjoy browsing the internet for promotions, you will have noticed several sites offering discounts at Halo Cigs. Discount codes offer 15% off of the price of e liquid and other items. Halo also encourages customers to earn discounts by sharing their love of Halo Cigs and Purity e liquid over social media. Refer a friend or write a review and add points to your rewards account. Use these to do more shopping at Halo Cigs later.

Earn Halo Rewards

Halo rewards their customers for being loyal shoppers by handing over 100 points for every $20 spent on e liquid. Customers also receive 75 points when they spend $20 on their reliable vaping hardware.

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