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I was fascinated to explore the section marked “DIY Supplies” at MyFreedomSmokes. At some websites, this amounts to one bottle of base, a set of plastic bottles, and flavoring. Here at MyFreedomSmokes from Charlotte, NC, there are several possibilities and that is not including their long list of hardware and pre-made flavors.

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MyFreedomSmokes Headings

I am getting ahead of myself. Firstly, who is MyFreedomSmokes? This is a US company specializing in affordable prices for major brands of e cig related paraphernalia from eGos to mods and accessories for them all. They sell bundles and starter kits, tanks, RBAs, high-drain batteries, and e cig cases.

There is also a healthy supply of DIY items besides the e juice products listed above. Customers can purchase coil, wire, and tools for building their own level of resistance on an RTA or RDA deck.

At MyFreedomSmokes they know how to appease that DIY spirit which marks US culture so strongly and allows consumers to maximize savings. There are always sales to take advantage of and bundles that bring down the cost of your equipment.

One further heading that I have not looked into before is their AMPD membership. This is new and limited, so if the AMPD heading disappears there will be good reason: 1,000 memberships have been reached. The fact that this heading is still around tells you time has not run out, but I wouldn’t dilly-dally if you think $75 is good value.

AMPD Membership

What you get for this fee is not too bad. There is a free 30-ml bottle of e juice every month. Members are notified about exclusive deals, great if these lead to a product you are interested in buying. Members learn about promotions ahead of everyone else, maybe exclusively.

With 10% to 25% discount on certain items this could amount to lots of money, especially with complimentary e juice thrown in. How much does a 30-ml bottle of MyFreedomSmokes e liquid cost anyway?

E Liquid at MyFreedomSmokes

A 30-ml bottle of MyFreedomSmokes vapor juice costs $7.99. Annual membership is $75. Twelve times $7.99 equals $95.88. Right away, membership pays for itself if you were going to buy MyFreedomSmokes e juice anyway.

Their liquids come in a 20/80 or 80/20 ratio of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) except Premium E Juice with the 80/20, 50/50, and a Max-VG option. There is an exceptionally high maximum on the nicotine, something that I predict will change as the FDA makes their changes to the industry.

I say this because one big concern will be child safety, childproof caps notwithstanding. The largest bottle available measures 125 ml unless you are a wholesale customer. Customers are recommended to dilute anything rated above 24 mg nicotine.

Flavors tend to be simple like Butterscotch, Candy Cane, Peanut Butter Cup, and Virginia Tobacco; Fresh Menthol, Congress, Coffee Rum, and Almond Amaretto. Name a fruit; it is likely to be there, and if MyFreedomSmokes does not make it, maybe one of their other e juice partners does. MyFreedomSmokes carries familiar brands such as Cosmic Fog, Space Jam, Mad Hatter, and ANML.

DIY Mania

Vapers who want to economize by making their own e liquid should be forewarned that it does not work that way, at least not at first. In the beginning there is a lot to learn and some investment to be made in equipment.

Think of all the stuff you have to buy like base liquid, nicotine, flavoring, beakers, bottles, syringes, and safety/hygiene equipment. With the initial cost plus hassle of making e liquid, you could be tempted to buy pre-made stuff.

But vapers who go the DIY route are able to vouch for mixing conditions, be as creative as they want, and learn the craft. They can really save money and more closely scrutinize quality. MyFreedomSmokes offers customers a DIY base with or without nicotine up to 100 mg per/ml in a bottle size from 125 ml to 1000 ml, amber glass unless HDPE is preferred for the largest format. Prices range from $9.99 to $40.99 with a ratio of 100% PG, 75/25, or 50/50, 25/75, or 100% VG. Amber prevents excessive light exposure from altering the behavior of nicotine in the bottle.

Other supplies include beakers, syringes, bottles, and flavorings by numerous companies. Try Lorann, Flavour Art from Italy, Capella, Flavor West, or the Flavor Apprentice. Between them, these and other firms satisfy every possible flavoring need so you can customize and experiment with cocktails, coffees, candies, cookies, cakes, tobacco, menthol, and everything else that vape juice makers are currently experimenting with in their own labs.

Brands at MyFreedomSmokes

Whether shopping online or at the store, there are a few brand names the experienced vapor turns to first. MyFreedomSmokes carries them and you can go straight to a brand when shopping instead of browsing their list.

The assortment is respectable, predictable, and reassuring. Choose Wotofo, Vision, Smok, Innokin, Joye, and a host of other names which represent the best in e cig technology, safety, and innovation. If these firms don’t make a product, you probably don’t want it.

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