NewVape is a vaporizer store and subsidiary of Custom Instruments, Inc. which was founded in 2005. Their purpose is to provide engineering and mechanical services on a contract basis using current technology such as CNC and CAD/CAM in their 6,000-ft Florida Facility.

Here, they operate and maintain more than 15 CNC machines for companies of many kinds including defense, dentistry, and medical clients, not to mention NewVape vaporizer sales based in the same location: Boynton Beach, Florida. Custom Instruments is registered with the FDA and holds ISO9002 and ISO13485 certification.

Enough of the Dry Stuff

While NewVape sells vaporizer equipment for use with dry herbs, that is the only quixotic feature of their website or the company. I think the association noted above is fascinating in that it aligns vaporizers with mainstream industry.

Customers will find accessories here, not many vaporizers; stuff like Enails and Rosin Presses which is where partnering with a machine shop is an obvious advantage.

What Is the Rosin Press?

Use this machine to extract cannabis from flowers; several images on the website demonstrate how it works. It is an unusual thing to find a Rosin Press in a catalog of vaporizer parts; I have never seen one before, but NewVape and Custom Instruments, Inc. bring them to your doorstep.

They cost from $500 to over $3,000 so these are not for the part-time vaper. In fact, I imagine the most likely client runs a business. NewVape also carries plates, molds, bags, adapters, and accessories. If you ever wondered how the Rosin was extracted, now you know.

Buy Dab Tools

Browse domed and domeless titanium nails or quartz nails for concentrates. Explore big kits and single dabber balls. Look up tools such as wedges and fasteners. This section is loaded with products, useful when that Rosin is extracted.

A Few Brands on the Site

NewVape only carries a handful of brands, some of them bestsellers like Storz & Bickel and Grenco. While exploring Vape Essentials, it turns out that items under this heading are only accessories and parts like a stand for the Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel or a cleaning kit for assorted vaporizers. There are PAX silicone covers but no PAX vaporizer. NewVape carries jars and torches; a big assortment. Maybe these are the items you have been searching for, not electronics at all.

Vaporizers at NewVape

There are few vaping mods here, but the V-One Plus is a silver exception for $50. It contains a USB-charged 1500mAh internal battery and a ceramic wax cup. All you need is a few seconds to reach more than 400°. The kit will come with a glass mouthpiece, USB charging cable, and four O-rings. This is a slick little handheld vaporizer.

The Flowerpot Twax dual purpose vaporizer heats flowers and concentrates. There is a lovely photo and diagram plus the link to a Vape Critic review, but no outline in writing. The appearance is clean, however, with an all-glass vapor pathway.

New Vape Grinders

There is no such thing as a cheap acrylic grinder at NewVape. They are all heavy-duty metal things from the 62-mm, $20 grinder to a pendant at $30 and large $50 titanium grinders. It is obvious where all the metal comes from, though, and you can’t fault NewVape for being consistent in their approach.

Vape Cases

When they list “cases,” don’t be surprised at the size of these things. A selection of colorful oval cases like the ones you put reading glasses and eGo kits inside of is accompanied by metal briefcases out of some cheesy CIA movie, but they look solid. The list is short; you won’t be overwhelmed. Exactly how many options does a person need anyway?

NewVape Specials

Several accessories are featured in the sale section. They include nails, rigs, and cleaning equipment. Prices cover a big range.

The Website

I was a little frustrated by the NewVape website because the landing page wasn’t clear. At first, this seemed to be like any vaporizer sales site, but then it became clear how few devices were listed. NewVape definitely appeals to a niche and I have to give them credit for that. Making goods on US soil is wonderful, and if they can survive in light of overseas competition that will be great, but I still want to know whom I’m dealing with right away. Perhaps a bit of clarity would be nice, NewVape.

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