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Has your spouse been nice this year but also a little naughty, continuing to smoke when she knows smoking is bad for her? If you have never smoked, you do not know how hard it is to quit.

But there are options — alternatives to smoking which replace addictive behavior, a nicotine rush, or both. You can have your “cigarette” without the smoke when you try a South Beach Smoke e cigarette.

2017 South Beach Smoke Coupon Codes

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Who Are They?

South Beach Smoke is a Florida e cig company owned by the International Vaping Group, sister company of VaporFi and Eversmoke.

For half a decade, they have sold one of the most popular cigalikes in America. In fact, South Beach Smoke calls theirs the top-rated e cig.

Today, South Beach Smoke also offers a selection of vaporizers: devices that do the same thing as cigalikes, only better and for longer.

With these additions, South Beach Smoke has added bottled e liquid to their menu of flavors while also expanding their selection of cartridge flavors.

Products at South Beach Smoke

Beginners should start with a Deluxe Kit: all of them are Deluxe including a standard starter, Pro, Deluxe Plus, and Couples Kit.

A standard set for $59.99 comes with two batteries (small and large), a charging kit, and 10 cartridges. It is not a bad price, especially with 10 cartridges and their high-capacity battery.

The “Plus” version also contains a power cig and carry case, but costs $30 more. Consider the Pro for $159.99 and you also receive a 3rd battery (making 2 high-capacity batteries and 1 small battery), portable charging case, car adapter, lanyard, and 20 cartridges.

A kit for couples doubles the standard bundle and adds two car chargers but only costs $109.99. The only smaller set available is the Reusable Express: $21.99 for a single rechargeable e cig with one extra cartridge and a USB charger.

With all but the last set, you choose your flavor and strength of cartridges. Express Kits come in medium strength with menthol or tobacco refills. These are replaceable in increments of 15 and are among the most expensive cartridges you can buy.

VaporFi is more expensive; Eversmoke charges the same amount. Companies like V2 Cigs, White Cloud, 777, and Halo E Cigs charge less per cartridge, but new vapers need to exercise caution when comparing the prices of pre-filled atomized cartridges. They are not interchangeable with each other. Certain threading profiles can be swapped around or adapters are available, but that is not always the case.

Vaporizers at South Beach Smoke

There is always the next level of vaping: with vaporizers. These provide higher-rated batteries fitted with clearomizers or tanks.

Customers have to fill their own tanks; hardly any brand makes pre-filled cartridges at the higher level (Cigavette is an exception).

Vaporizers look odd when you are new to vaping — large, like cigars, but colorful like gel pens too. One feels conspicuous vaping such a device at first, but that sensation should wear off.

Vaporizers are far more common today than they were five years ago. The South Beach Smoke Storm resembles a Kanger Evod with its straight shape and a cartomizer featuring a viewing window.

The Air, in its smallest format, offers a discrete way to vaporize e liquid at the low cost of $29.99 for the kit.

Curve kits, like bundles for the Storm, cost $49.99 and bear little resemblance to anything currently available as far as their shape is concerned. Enjoy the voluptuous shape of a very feminine and colorful device.

The Thunder is made for advanced vapers, so don’t think about buying one for a newbie: maybe keep it for yourself. You pay $99.99 for the kit.

South Beach Smoke also supplies the fun choice of a custom vaporizer builder. Select a tank and a battery in matching, complementary, or clashing colors, and pick out accessories to go with them (chargers and atomizer heads). Your vaporizer is built on the screen so you know what to expect when your parcel arrives.

South Beach Smoke E Liquid

Bottles of nicotine juice at South Beach Smoke measure 30 ml and contain high-quality products made to USP and FDA standards. Although e liquid has not been approved by the FDA, facilities for blending this juice are approved by this same organization.

Their flavors include marshmallow, cotton candy, Summer Tea, Mojito, and various types of tobacco and menthol styles. With e liquid, you save a lot of money.

Clearomizers with replaceable atomizers last longer than cartomizers for cigalikes, and the juice costs far less per ml (50 cents instead of more than $2).

Also, South Beach Smoke gives you the option to build your own e juice by ordering a blend of two or three e liquid styles to create a product not marketed by the company.

Your order could be original. Use loyalty points earned when you shop to pay for your first bottle.

Save Money With South Beach Smoke

Vaping is a cheap way to obtain a nicotine fix or continue with “smokeless smoking” if you want an alternative to cigarettes. While you save money with e cigs, South Beach Smoke invites customers to explore deeper levels of discounts. Here are some ideas for reducing the cost of using e cigs without giving up on the brand you love.

South Beach Smoke Cartomizers

If you are still vaping with mini cigs, cartomizers are your biggest expense. They work out to more than $2 per/ml, which is a lot when you think e juice costs less than $1 per/ml (less than 60 cents with South Beach Smoke vapor juice).

Cut costs in a couple of ways:

• arrange for home delivery and save 20% on cartomizers
• buy cartomizers in large numbers

Large orders qualify for “bulk” savings. South Beach Smoke wants customers to receive regular shipments of cartomizers, bottles of e juice, and other items. While there is no contract to sign, South Beach Smoke rewards clients with 10% off other purchases as well and customers set the intervals.

E Juice

South Beach Smoke sells e juice in dozens of flavors containing a high percentage of propylene glycol for simple coils systems. Buy some of this e liquid, bottled in 30-ml plastic bottles and priced just $15.99. That’s a great price for high-quality liquid.

Starter Kit Savings

We all know how good it feels to do things on our own; to be independent. The trouble with that is we sometimes make life harder for ourselves. Let South Beach Smoke put all the pieces of a new e cig system together, not just because this saves you the hassle of figuring out what parts you need and which ones are compatible, but also because a bundle costs less than individual items. Order their basic two-battery set for under $60 with ten cartomizers, a wall adapter and USB charger. Their high-drain cell is one of the best in the business.

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