The Cost Of E-Cigs vs Smoking

The vast majority of people who are interested in or have tried vaporizers in some form or another — whether they were e-cigarettes of a name brand or mechanical mods — started off smoking cigarettes. That fact being said, most of those individuals already know how much it costs them to smoke. Although most smokers know the value of a pack of their favorite smokes, that is information typically stepped on until it can be forced to the back of the mind, making it easier to justify continually adding to the annual cost of being a smoker.

From time to time, it is wise to look at the big picture and gain some perspective. Especially for the person who just needs one more reason to want to quit smoking, looking at the math can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, strengthening the resolve to committing to quitting and finding another way to live.

The cost of packs can vary pretty greatly, as can taxes. For this purpose, a conservative estimate is more than enough. A pack of Camel 99 Blues typically costs just about $5, give or take a dollar. A pack a day smoker will therefore spend $150 a month, or approximately $1,800 a year. Even a light smoker smoking a quarter pack a day, in a year, that’s still close to $500. With tax, those numbers spike and for the Newport smoker, a $5 a day habit looks more like $7, so case in point, it gets more expensive.

Monetary Cost of E Cigs

The E-cigarette market has changed a lot since the analog cigarettes first started appearing in stores. That is still where most determined smokers go to try quitting smoking. A starter kit with 2 batteries, a couple chargers and typically 5 cartridges meant to each simulate a pack costs approximately $50. 350 more cartridges will probably cost another $700 in the year, plus electrical bills to charge the batteries, which take a negligible amount of energy to charge. To use an e-cigarette over the year, still using the equivalent to a pack a day, at around $750 for the happy e-cigarette user, the monetary cost is cut in half and then some. What if the e-cigarette is not quite satiating the craving for nicotine?

Monetary Cost of Other Vapes

If heavier vapor and better delivery is desired, there are other vaporizers that have refillable tanks, more of a variety of juices (sold in bottles), as well as other battery options. An E-go setup for a beginner might be $20 for a battery, $5 for a charger, $20 for a tank, $3 per replacement atomizer and $10 per 10-ml bottle of juice. Juice and atomizers are the recurring charges, so one time fees approximate the same as brand name e cigs at around $50. Atomizers survive a median of 2 weeks, bottles survive a median of a week for vapers who vape as often as they were smoking and no more. At that rate, a year of juice would be approximately $500, with another $80 a year for atomizers. In total, this setup runs about $630 a year, if only sticking to the basics.

Collateral Costs

With all things, there are risks involved. Smoking has been well-known to lead to cancer and other complications. As a result of this knowledge, smokers keep in mind that the cost of smoking can also be their lives, which are priceless.

Vaporizers are still being researched, but the nicotine provided in them is not necessarily cancer-causing. Nicotine itself is a stimulant like caffeine. Vapes may be proven to have a negative effect, but they appear at least better than smoking. However, many vape users find the options to buy new batteries, tanks, gourmet juices and many other modifications irresistible and find vaping and accessorizing to be another addiction that can double the costs.

No matter what people choose to do, caution is urged and careful forethought is promoted. Vaping can be a cheap, fun alternative to smoking, but a lack of discipline can make it just as expensive.

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