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With e cig companies, your transaction is not just about handing over money in exchange for goods. Companies join you in making a huge transition away from the lifestyle of a vilified smoker into that of a lauded vaper.

Friends, colleagues, family members, and employees at your chosen e cig brand applaud this brave move towards a healthier, greener, and less costly habit in which you could slowly watch your life improve in more ways than you ever imagined.

In the beginning, vaping appears to cost a lot of money because you pay for electronic equipment and accessories that last rather than buying disposable tar sticks to keep you going for a day or two. At V2 Cigs, they empathize and want to help you make a cheaper transition.

2017 V2 Cigs Coupon Codes and Savings

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Transitioning with V2 Cigs Painlessly

To this end, V2 Cigs sometimes makes coupon codes available on their website. These include seasonal offers which are basically the same offer with a different code for a new holiday or time of year. They provide discounts off of the full price for starter kits.

Other codes are posted on e cig forums and pages for e cig reviews. Look for them: it is so simple to save 10% off of your first order. Starter kits save you money because individual components in each bundle are discounted as part of a set.

V2 Savings Continue

Other ways to save include becoming a customer. Just join the team and buy your gear from V2 Cigs exclusively, and watch how your points grow. Points can be used to pay for products you will have to buy some time or another such as cartridges or new batteries.

Watch points accumulate and use this system to save money for a whole new product like the Pro Series 3, their upcoming Series 7 or 9, or a new herbal cartridge for the Pro 3-in-1 vaporizer. Hold onto points and buy an EX Series upgrade for your existing Classic Series e cig package.

Vape 4 Free

Can you really vape for free?

No, nothing is free and you would value it less if it were.

But by spending money for a little while, you can trade points in without spending a single cent and buy yourself an e cig treat: more e liquid, blank cartridges, or a new charging kit, for instance.

All you have to do is join the program by earning points. As you earn points, this places you into a club category which also entitles you to certain discounts and exclusive offers. These are offers not made available to the general public and, depending on your club status, possibly not even other V2 customers.

Shopping is just one way to save at V2: you can also get busy on social media. Let people who follow you on Facebook know that you vape with V2 Cigs. Follow the company with your Twitter account. Refer a friend to V2 Cigs, and if they buy a kit valued at a certain amount or more, you get points to spend.

Bulk Savings

V2 Cigs pre-filled flavor cartridges are excellent value at $10.33 per package of five.

At least, that value is great when you see what others charge ($12.99 at Green Smoke, $14.99 at VaporFi, $12.99 at Bull Smoke, etc.)

But what if you were to purchase 80 cartridges at a time?

Realistically you can expect to use that many in 4 weeks or so: one month.

So, if you purchased a month’s supply of your favorite flavor, the cost would be $124.48: $7.78 for each box of five cartridges.

The same rule regarding volume purchases applies to V2 Cigs disposable e cigs. A single disposable at the corner store might cost $10. V2 only sells them in bundles of 5 or 10.

Choose to buy 5 at a time for $31.08 (roughly $6 each) or 10 for $57.03 (around $5.70 each). Obviously, it pays to buy a box of ten and either use them or share them.

Christmas is a great time to purchase lots of disposable e cigs and give them out to friends or supply them at parties where you know your smoking friends would love not to be kicked out in the cold.

E Liquid at V2 Cigs

There is one last way to save money by shopping at V2 Cigs: use their e liquid. V2 offers you the choice: buy packs of 5 pre-filled cartridges or purchase blanks.

Fill blanks with e liquid from V2 Cigs and the cost per ml drops substantially. You can choose from 12 flavors and bottle sizes of 50 ml or 25 ml. Zig Zag juice is also available.

Again, the more you buy, the less you pay per unit. At 25 ml, the price is $17.59 or just over 70 cents for a milliliter of e liquid.

A bottle measuring 50 ml costs $31.08: less than double the cost, so you know it’s cheaper. How much cheaper exactly? Nine cents or just over 61 cents per ml.

This isn’t the last cost to consider: you have to buy the blank cartridges to go with them too. Yet, when you add things up, e liquid is still cheaper than cartridges and less of an environmental stress. Cartridges add up and have nowhere to go but the landfill. E liquid bottles can be recycled.

In the matter of cost, V2 Cigs does not make the cheapest e liquid and probably doesn’t supply the best flavors you will come across. Although taste is subjective, reviews show you would probably buy some other brand of e juice before V2 Cigs if given the choice.

Halo Purity, for example, is inexpensive and highly praised. VaporFi e liquid, like Purity, is made in the USA from top-quality ingredients. V2 Cigs uses Chinese juice which is not as popular with Americans as juice from home.

But once you start using blank cartridges, it doesn’t matter which e liquid you choose. The quality of V2 Cigs chargers, batteries, and cartridges is high enough so that you notice savings right away because you aren’t disposing of inferior products that lose their charge rapidly or leak all the time.

New Products, Compared To Some Competitors

Now that the Pro Series 7 is finally available for purchase it will be interesting to see how V2 Cigs competes with the likes of VaporFi and South Beach Smoke. These two other e cig companies also market intermediate devices while VaporFi carries the Orbit herbal vaporizer. Contrast and comparison between these three companies is an interesting experiment

Approach to Vapers

All three firms began with the desire to attract smokers to vaping. They developed mini cigs to start with: the V2 Classic, South Beach Smoke e cig, and VaporFi Express. While VaporFi added other devices right away, the other two remained cigalike companies for a long time before deciding they were about to be overtaken by the likes of Halo with its Triton and Apollo with their eGo batteries.

It used to be unusual for a vape brand to offer both newbie e cigs and vaporizers. Now, this is an obvious choice. Vapers have shown that they want the option to move forward after trying electronic vaping sticks for a little while. They love the freedom of choosing any kind of e liquid, of a charge lasting several hours, and other elements of their new vaping style.

V2 Cigs Pro Series

V2 released the Pro Series 3 in the summer of 2014.

This device cut across several categories at one time by appealing to intermediate vapers with its higher powered battery (650 mAh). They also attract herb and wax vapers. The Pro Series is a magnetic 3-in-1 system using dedicated cartridges for each material.

A sensor in the magnetic head of the Pro Series battery detects which cartridge has been inserted and automatically sets the right temperature. It’s like an eGo and alternative vaporizer in one discrete vape pen.

South Beach Smoke

This long-lived line has developed 4 types of vaporizers, none of them specifically built for herbs or wax. They are all e liquid pens: the Curve, Storm, Thunder, and Air. For someone hesitant to progress past the cigalike form, an Air is just 4″ long: discrete and easy to use but with 350 mAh power (a little more than the high-drain South Beach Smoke battery) plus refillable with a clear tank.

Storm and Curve systems are similar, starting at 650 mAh with the 1100-mAh option. Their colors are vivid and varied. Thunder vaporizers are for people who want to play with volt variation and airflow control. They are powerful PV’s for intermediate vapers. Patrons have the option to buy a starter kit for any of them or build their own kit by combining tanks and cells from any of the above models.


What hardware don’t they have at VaporFi these days?

While a South Beach Smoke Air clearomizer or battery is compatible with their other models, this is not so with the VaporFi Air. Their version of the Air looks different (elliptical, not cylindrical), but operates the same way. The VaporFi Pro tank, however, can be attached to the Rocket and vice versa.

Other products include the Pulse with its portable battery-charging stand, Rebel with variable voltage and airflow control, VOX 50W mod, and Orbit herbal vaporizer. The Boom E Hookah resembles a Starbuzz and carries a 2200-mAh battery. Many tanks/clearomizers can be swapped around between devices.


High Power Showdown

The V2 Pro Series 3 (and now the bigger Series 7 with 1100-mAh battery) is a convenient 3-in-1 pen which gives consumers the option: vape whatever you want without buying a new product. The others don’t offer anything like that.

Yet, there are more affordable choices from South Beach Smoke and VaporFi too: a $50 kit for intermediate vapers with tank, battery, AC adapter, and USB charger (Curve, Pro, or Storm) which is better value than about $70 for the Series 3 with only an e liquid cartridge, vaporizer, and USB charger.

Starter Kits Comparison

V2 makes more starter kits for new vapers than either company and they are decent value. They came up with the idea of creating a USB-cig kit for $25.89 with 5 cartridges.

VaporFi spares a passing glance for new vapers with their $30 Express and 5 flavors of cartridge refills priced $14.99 for 5. Not only is this a lot pricier than V2 Cigs (their cost is $10.33 for 5), but V2 Cigs makes 12 standard flavors plus limited edition alternatives.

Like VaporFi, V2 Cigs sells blank cartomizers to refill with e juice and you can use any flavors you like from any companies making juices containing at least 50% propylene glycol. V2 Cigs’ line of cartomizers is also available in bottles of e liquid: just the 12, however.

VaporFi makes thousands of possible flavors which include some you can buy pre-made (marshmallow, cotton candy, clove, etc.) and the opportunity to ask for your own unique blend. South Beach Smoke is doing the same thing now too.

Their starter kits compete well with those of V2 Cigs and are less complicated. The V2 Cigs EX battery is a bit of an odd duck.

It seems to be a mini cig battery, yet they market it as something better. EX cartomizers apparently hold more e liquid and are not compatible with Classic batteries, yet the biggest Classic cell is more powerful than an EX.

South Beach Smoke just carries two levels of e cig battery compatible with all their 16 cartomizers. Pricing for bundles is similar to that of V2 Cigs. Customers simply have more bundle options from V2 Cigs.

One important point that might tip the scales, however, is that South Beach Smoke liquids are made in the United States. V2 Cigs might want to move their liquid manufacturing from China to the US and use American ingredients too.

Disposable E Cigs and More

In this category, South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs are comparable. They sell two flavors, menthol and tobacco. Each firm offers bundles only, at least online: no single disposables. Contact either business about recycling and they can help you dispose of empty cartomizers and batteries. Become an affiliate with either one: benefits are similar. So are the advantages of rewards points. All three of these companies have found a way to compete.


Save 10% On All V2 Products

10% OFF Storewide - applies to everything (including V2 / V2 Pro / Eliquids, etc.)

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