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At Vape Mood of California, they believe they have accomplished something special. Vape Mood has established a partnership with elite companies so they can provide customers with a big catalog of essential items.

Vape Mood carries vaporizers but also accessories and parts for items in their catalog. Prices are as low as you can go besides special deals and they always offer free shipping. In fact, their motto is “Forever Free Shipping.”

Categories of Vaporizers

Hover over this category and you will see subheadings for portable, tabletop, and pen-type vapes plus bundles. They really do carry elite brands like Iolite, PAX, Storz & Bickel, and Arizer. I viewed their “top-rated” items first and was unsurprised to see the Magic Flight Launch Box and Storz & Bickel Mighty among them.

More Portable Vapes

Exploring more deeply, these are only two of many top-flight devices sorted under “portable vaporizers.” Vapers will discover the latest Firefly and a PAX 3 handheld device.

The Loki Touch and Flowermate V.50S Mini are here. Several pages represent the vast array of possible units like the Wulf Vape LX and Kandypens K-Vape. This selection also reflects a desire to give every vaper something of quality to choose from, even if he can’t afford a $200 machine.

Tabletop Vaporizers

The first item here is a Herbalizer for about $600. This US-made machine made waves when it was first released in its multi-layered pod-format. Keep every part tidy within its own case including accessories for balloon and whip delivery. The system features automatic shut-off and an LCD screen, and magnetic, insulated bowl. It’s expensive, but beautiful.

Silver Surfer’s Super Surfer, the VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer, and a Vaporfection ViVape were all listed here. What I find interesting is the wide selection, more than I have seen on many major competitors’ websites. Straightforward and full descriptions were also much appreciated.

Vaporizer Pens

I always hesitate to recommend pens to people because vape pens do not provide the best quality flavor or performance. They are like portable vaporizer with training wheels on. Vape Mood lists several items by Atmos, Grenco Science, Kandypens, and Source.

A few of them are on the border between a low-quality pen and a reasonable personal, portable vaporizer, but you’ll know more by checking their specs and also reading customer reviews provided. At least Vape Mood is discerning.

Bundles by Vape Mood

Generally, a product listed under the headings above will come complete with a battery, which is usually built-in, plus heating coils, a chamber, and cleaning tools. Bundles provide little extras like a jar or a grinder. They’re fun but not fantastic.

Select Sales

The sale section will guide shoppers right to the deals or they can hope to stumble upon bargains as they browse. Several items are accompanied by a coupon code. Redeem one of these at the checkout to take a dollar amount or a percentage off of the price. When browsing prices, you might see that some are higher than you expected given that promise above about low pricing, but coupon codes will change all that.

Wonderful Assortment

Besides vaporizers, consumers will discover a great selection of parts and accessories. Shop by the brand you use or an item you need. Vape Mood also carries lighters, cigar cutters, and aromatherapy products. Some lighters are rechargeable.

Under aromatherapy, discover essential oils, blends, plus Bath & Body products. There was nothing in the last section when I checked, but under aromatic blends I found lots of dry herbs I could almost smell right through the computer monitor.

Last Words on Vape Mood

I have to say, the website alone put me in a good mood with its bright, crisp presentation. Shop with a credit card on their secure system. Learn more about vaporization and its benefits. Join one of the discussions happening on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for a newsletter. Generally, the whole site promises to save you money if you use these products and they only bring in the best brands.

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