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Save Money With Vapor Couture

V2 Cigs branched out to form a line of women’s e cigs known as Vapor Couture. These are considered among the most expensive and glamorous mini cigs you can buy, but there are ways to save money and still feel glam. Here are ideas that will help vapers indulge their feminine side.

Buy a starter kit; don’t try to piece a kit together one piece at a time. If you order two batteries, 10 cartridges, and a set of chargers, the price will be over $80.

Order the L’Essentiels Kit and pay less than $70. Save about $16 just by letting Vapor Couture bundle pieces together, which is a lot more convenient and you still get to choose a color and flavor (up to 2 cartomizer styles).

Buy in Bulk

Ordering bulk items doesn’t sound like a very “couture” thing to do, but even fashionable people like to save money. Instead of selecting one package of cartomizers in your preferred flavor with every order, once you know the flavor you like go ahead and buy 20 at a time.

A single pack of 5 cartomizers costs $13.44. A set of 20 is priced $46.65: that’s $11.66 per 5-pack. An even better bargain — 40 cartomizers for $77.78 — brings the price down to $9.72 per pack of 5 cartomizers. Vapor Couture makes 6 flavors which include Strawberry Champagne, Passion Fruit, and Arctic Mint.

Bulk up your Order

Don’t be frivolous, ordering a little bit here and a little bit there. That might be the rich-girl’s way of doing things but you will not stay rich for long. Plan purchases so they amount to $50 or more. That way you qualify for free shipping.

Online Coupons

Various websites lists numerous coupon codes for Vapor Couture. You could get 15% off a starter kit or 10% off any type of order, so become a virtual coupon clipper.

Save 10% at Vapor Couture

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