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Here are the latest Vapor4life coupon codes, discounts and promos for 2017, followed by a review of the company.

25% Off All Vapor Cigarettes Kits, Disposables and Pre-Filled Carts!

A visit to Vapor4Life’s website currently reveals lots of activity. They’re busy at Vapor4Life with promotions including a video from Steve Smilin’ Milin welcoming new vapers and introducing himself.

They carry a popular range of products that stays the same because they don’t need any more tweaking; why fix what isn’t broken? Find out why Vapor4Life remains one of the country’s favorite vape stores.

Personal Touch

I’d have to say that what grabs me most and puts Vapor4Life on the map is their personal approach to customers. The owner isn’t some entrepreneur who never smoked or a profit-minded sales guru.

Of course, Milin needs to make a living and appears to have done so successfully with this e cig business, but not in an anonymous way or any type of compromising marketing tactics that I am aware of.

His approach has always been about good products and about the difference vaping can make, starting with his own success story. Milin is endearing and authentic and vapers of all generations can feel like this is a family they can belong to.

Professional Approach

The management also responded to criticisms about their online appearance; its former lack of crispness and the unsatisfactory website which has undergone many changes. Now it’s much easier to navigate and company has arrived among the big players, at least as far as image is concerned.

Where goods are concerned they were already there. Smilin’ Steve Milin sells several good products. He was at the forefront, pioneering the big e juice menu long before other businesses started to sell bottled e juices and vary their styles considerably. The WOW line has always been considerable. Their Titans, Kings, and Zeus cigs are still great first or intermediate vape devices for former smokers.

The Titan

In spite of its name, the Titan is designed to be small, like a real cigarette. The Vapor Titan has been given the accolade of top rechargeable mini cig worldwide by at least one tech reviewer at one point in its life, although things change, but that kind of advertising and praise doesn’t go away.

Not much has changed at this end of the industry, so it’s safe to say the Titan hasn’t lost its touch. One remarkable feature is that the Titan is regulated at 4.2V. Most batteries start out high but gradually lose voltage as they run out of power.

That means from one puff to the next, performance is inconsistent. That won’t happen here with the Titan from Vapor4Life. Choose one of a dozen shades, including some bright hues sure to make you smile. Choose a button-operated or button-free version.

The King of Vapor4Life

Milin’s King was the first one he designed as a heavy smoker seeking the perfect transition. He now offers this kit in well over a hundred flavors.

Buy the kit with a rechargeable battery and select from a menu of flavor options that’s almost too wide. The King uses either pre-filled cartridges or tanks which the consumer fills with e juice.

Kits are on sale, and they’re already cheaper than individual parts purchased one at a time. Now is a great time to buy your first rechargeable King Set priced from $25 to $60.

Disposable Vapor4Life

This is the area which attracts a lot of initial interest from smokers: the one-time e cig. If you don’t have to recharge the device or refill a cartridge, there’s no hassle, mess, or organization required.

You just puff and go until the e cig is done. For a lot of people, it’s a mere matter of weeks before rechargeables start to look very good and real cigarettes are a thing of the past. Disposables from Vapor4Life are award-winners with enduring batteries and great flavor.

Priced about $8 each, they also come in larger, more economical packs, and new flavors have been introduced to compete with NJOY, White Cloud, and Blu. Try Tobacco, Cinnamon, Watermelon, Coffee, or Menthol and feel the buzz from 2.6% nicotine.

Zeus E Cig

This is an advanced e cig and it’s not. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve tried mini cigs and coveted eGos. The Zeus is a hybrid of them both but without buttons, so it’s an automatic 5V regulated battery that gives you the hit you want from the same vapor in a King mini cig clearomizer.

There is also a version which allows vapers to switch from automatic to manual operation, thereby saving battery power. A rating of 650mah will last the average vaper about half to ¾ of a day.


Introduced last year, the V-Kit is a stand-alone purchase or sold as part of a Zeus kit. The V-Kit battery provides 5 consistently regulated volts and a V-Cart supplies a coil heating element to boost your vapor. The V-Cart contains e juice supplying 1.8% nicotine but also a nicotine-free bottle of e liquid measuring 6 ml plus charging equipment and a case.

More from the Masters

Vapor4Life could be considered a master of this trade, but that doesn’t stop them from pairing up with other well-known manufacturers that vapers have made popular throughout the country.

By association, firms like Joye and Aspire will start to seem as American as apple pie as long as Milin carries and promotes their mods on his site.

He also lists e cigars and a huge supply of e liquids made for vaping units at all levels from the simplest coils to sub ohm elements. It’s not as though he didn’t have enough to offer, but Milin is smart.

He knows that as the industry has adapted, become more advanced, and options have expanded, the way to keep hold of customers is to grow as they grow.

Save Money With Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life got their start when the US vaping industry was in its infancy. Since then the company has grown more sophisticated and, being larger, is also in a position to present more bargains to customers. A big customer base gives companies buying power, and with buying power they get the best prices. Consequently, so do customers.

Save Money with Sets

Even in the early days, Vapor4Life was bringing low-cost kits to the public. They bundled chargers, cartomizers, and batteries, dropping the combined price of items as an economical introduction to vaping with the Titan or King, both cigalikes. Bundles for their Dial-a-Volt and Zeus are also great value. Try vaping, fall in love, and stick with this American company that treasures its clients.

Clearance Products

Although they are not an all-purpose e cig supplier, Vapor4Life has a clearance section online. This part of the website lists items that aren’t selling fast enough like disposables, now on for $5.99.

While you want the freshest e juice and batteries possible, you will not hang on to these for long if you were a pack-a-day smoker. Take advantage of savings or pass them on as gifts. Other items listed here for the time being are charging cables, adapters, and cartomizers.

Exclusive Offers

Become a subscriber to the Vapor4Life electronic newsletter. Learn about upcoming product releases and sales before the public learns of them and get access to the best deals. Follow Vapor4Life on social media, another place where new deals are listed.

Daily Deals

Every day Vapor4Life lists something new for sale. Recently they had a bundle offer: blank cartomizers and e juice for just $19.99. Save money on e liquid using one of their limited-time coupon codes. Receive 15% off when you type the code into a special box at the e-checkout. Vapor4Life makes lots of wonderful flavors of e liquid: drinks, sweets, fruits, tobacco, and more.

25% Off All Vapor Cigarettes Kits, Disposables and Pre-Filled Carts!

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