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VaporDNA is rated as one of the best places to buy e juice and electronic vaping devices online. They consider themselves the “absolute premier online site” but we can certainly say they compete strongly in this industry.

Are you tired of walking into vape stores where clerks make you feel stupid for asking a question? VaporDNA’s staff is welcoming and they know what they’re talking about, so you can rely on them to provide the correct answers to your queries.

Everything they sell is an authentic product and their prices are excellent; definitely right down there with some of the best. VaporDNA backs up their business with a 45-day refund on many items.

Here are the latest VaporDNA coupon codes and discounts for 2017:

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Why Shop with VaporDNA

At this American online retail outlet, they provide a trio of reasons for shopping here. Costs are low, selection is excellent, and they only list items that meet their high standards. Among these are Project Sub-Ohm products of which you will hear more, but also brands like Innokin, SMOK, Sigelei, and Aspire. Some of their stock is unique; a lot of it is what you have heard about often from other vapers and are eager to buy.

Their list of e juices is not only long but well-chosen. The focus is on top-shelf offerings from the United States, but we’ll let those products speak for themselves.

VaporDNA E Juices

Search for a type of flavor such as creamy, sweet, sour, tobacco, or fruity. Select a popular brand or a new e juice label. Look up featured products or CBD drops. I was surprised to find this here as well as alternative vaping devices by PAX.

This isn’t just an e cig/e juice store any longer. If you want alternatives for your vaping device, such as Cannabis extracts, California is clearly the place to shop. That’s interesting when vaping companies trying to help a community of smokers break free of cigarettes in a legitimate way are having a hard enough time convincing government and the public that e cigs are not a gateway to drugs and are the ideal nicotine delivery option.

Newly Arrived brands include Frosted Vape Co., Modus Vapors, and The Essentials. One Hit Wonder, Kilo, and Lost Art are among popular brands. Millennium Potion is being plugged heavily. This could be a house brew as the firm is giving free bottles away with a purchase of other e liquid.

A 10ml bottle contains 60% vegetable glycerin, 0, 6, or 12 mg of nicotine, and is priced $4.99. Some flavors are Vanilla Custard, USA Tobacco, and Energy Drink. A few other juices from their catalogue are Halo, KeyJuice Laboratories, Taffy Man, KVASS Premium E Liquid, and Fresh Vapor Liquids.

Hardware Brands

Numerous names will be familiar to the reader such as Wotofo, JUUL, Sense, and Eleaf. Advken, Coil Art, Cigreen, and Indulgence are perhaps more unusual. You can buy the PAX JUUL and the PAX 2 vaporizer here. One is an e cig that looks like a memory stick for your computer. The other is an herbal vaporizer.

Tank makers are firms such as Uwell, Innokin, Kanger, and SMOK. Shop by heading to a category such as tanks, Project Sub-Ohm products, Coming Soon, Vaper’s Choice, batteries, chargers, and more. If you can’t figure out what to buy because there is so much excellent choice, Vaper’s Choice is the spot to check for inspiration and opinions.

I am unsure, but Project Sub-Ohm appears to be a VaporDNA brand of tanks and devices. They are all designed, engineered, and developed in the USA. This careful wording suggests that products are actually manufactured in China.

Devices at VaporDNA

Selection is wide and so are the wattage choices. Choose a Mini Target 40W TC by Vaporesso, a Lost Vape Therion, or the Kanger KBox 160W. There is the Joye eVic VTwo and Tesla Stealth. VaporDNA likewise carries many other mods that will take vapers right to the 200W level.

Pair these with exceptional tanks, quality sub ohm accessories like the Uwell Crown 2 or SMOK TFV8. Try an exotic-sounding Cthulhu Mod V3 RTA, Wotofo Sapor, or Eleaf Lemo 3 RTA.

Getting Information

VaporDNA welcomes your communication; contact their stores if you have questions. There are three physical shops in California, two of them in Torrance, the other one in Huntington Beach. What I would like to see on their site is a bit more detail about the origins of products such as lab reports about e juices, info about ingredients such as whether they are US-sourced or even USP, and where these e liquid are mixed and bottled. A short note about Project Sub-Ohm would be nice.

I love that they sell starter kits and are particular about their audience. If you aren’t into sub ohm vaping, this isn’t the best shop to browse. Vapers who frequent the stores and online catalogue are experienced consumers who probably have a good idea of what they want before visiting.

Loyal customers also receive 2% back on their purchases to spend on future products like wick, wire, batteries, etc. This is a great incentive to shop here. They also offer promo codes you can send your friends, or subscriber list, and it also gives you a discount you can use for yourself for every referral you send.

Connect on Facebook with other customers. Customers have also posted their reviews on the site and you can see what others have written about hardware and flavors.

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