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Vaporfi has a very vast selection of e-liquids, providing an option for almost any taste and doing so at a price point that is relatively reasonable, showing prices that are comparable to other lines on the market. Combined with our discounts, the price point turns pretty sweet!

The only available option for bottle size is 30 ml, which hopefully actually contains 30 ml of e juice. Many companies have bottles that house less than their marketed contents due to the thickness of the glass, the shape. Granted we don’t measure the milliliters of a bottle when we receive it, we are pretty sure these guys don’t fall into that category.

The company also shows the results of various lab tests at the bottom of their e juice pages. These guys are always ahead of trhe curve, and they surely say the looming regulations ahead of time, so you can rest assured they are already ahead of spec a far as testing will go and other areas of regulation of juices.

Their 30-ml bottles are priced around $17 a piece, which is less than the gourmet e juice lines that are most popular in the community. The options for composition of customized e juice blends are either 50% propylene glycol (PG) & 50% vegetable glycerin (VG), or 70% PG & 30% VG.

The 70% PG blend will have decent taste, as higher VG blends often lose a bit of taste, but these blends will also provide customers with more throat hit. Higher VG blends produce bigger clouds, so for the customers searching for a mixture of throat hit and big clouds with good taste, the 50/50 blend is going to be the best choice. For those smokers who want a bit more throat hit, the 70% PG blends are much more in the line of fire.

When creating a blend, customers can choose from one to three flavors mixed together, also electing to add either a single shot or double shot of any flavors chosen. Nicotine levels can be chosen from 0%, 3%, 6%, 12% and 18%, offering ample options to wean off of nicotine eventually, if that is the goal.

The categories of flavors they provide pre-made are tobacco, menthol, dessert, fruit, or other flavors, also providing an option for fruit flavor booster, or general flavor booster. So if the juices do not have enough flavor, for $5, customers can change that themselves to their own tastes.

As far as products sold by Vaporfi, their e juice line is a nice choice, and if you love it, you will be hard pressed to ever run out of flavor options. For information from other customers about their juices, ratings can be found on each e juice out of five stars.

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