VaporFi Express

VaporFi makes so many high-powered vaping devices these days it is tempting to forget they also carry a cigarette-style device known as the Express.

After all, their VOX 50 variable wattage mod is a big hit. There is a new version of the Rebel on their menu. The Rocket supplies adjustable airflow and variable voltage.

It must seem like a long time ago that advanced vapers even thought an automatic battery could provide a desirable alternative to smoking, but it did and still does for hundreds of new vapers every year.


VaporFi Express Specs

The VF Express Starter Kit supplies an inexpensive inroad for new vapers: $29.99 with two batteries and a charging kit. This is perhaps the only kit of its kind with no cartridges, pre-filled or otherwise.

VaporFi carries them but only as separate items. Blank cartridges in packs of 5 cost $7.99. Pre-filled cartridges cost $14.99 for 5, hold 1 ml of liquid, and come in 5 flavors (vanilla, cherry, chocolate, tobacco, and menthol). Blank clearomizers with 0.9-ml capacity are priced $14.99 for three. Fill clearomizers or blank cartridges with e juice from the VaporFi menu priced $14.99 for 30 ml.

New Batteries cost $19.99, which would be fine if their website had not made a mistake, showing that 650 mAh and 1000 mAh are the two available sizes for this price. They actually contain 290 mAh: a little more than the high-capacity battery (280 mAh) in their kit; too little for the $20 price tag. A smaller battery also provided with the package contains just 180 mAh.

These two battery sizes are important to vapers, providing the option to hold a realistically small e cig (when cartridge and battery are connected) or gain an additional hour per charge with a marginally longer battery. Express batteries are white like traditional analogs.

Vaper Experiences

As long as a vaper doesn’t expect 4- to 5-hour vaping periods on a single charge or huge vapor, she isn’t disappointed by the Express Battery. The weight is just right for small hands (females find it comfortable). Overall weight and size are close enough to a real cigarette to pass as an analog when someone wants to blend in with smokers or convince his brain that this is truly a cigarette: no reason to become alarmed. The nicotine is coming, just without the garbage found in cigarette smoke.

Graduating with VaporFi

A great thing about the VaporFi Express is that it provides a means of introduction to a brand that will follow the vaper into later levels of vaping. The Pro, Air, and Pulse are all second-level e cigs produced by the same company. Loyalty points follow the vaper from his time with the Express into an intermediate phase and later, when he gains confidence and chooses the Rebel, Rocket, or VOX.

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