Vaporfi Orbit

Vaporfi has you covered whether you want to vape e juice or herbs. Did you think this was a new thing with Vaporfi? Actually, the Orbit has been in their catalogue for a long time.

You read that right: loyal customers have been able to vape real herbs as an alternative to cigarettes and enjoy the benefit of that authentic flavor plus exceptional Vaporfi customer service, rewards, and reliability. Let me show you what the Orbit is all about.

Dry Herb Vape

Customers will notice from the start the one-piece design which sets this personal vaporizer apart from e liquid machines like the Rocket and Pro. Instead of threading a cartridge onto a battery, the herb chamber is built right into this sleek device. Choose one in black or red.

Vaporfi Orbit Spec


The battery supplies you with 2200mAh of power which is a lot of mojo when fully charged. That should last several hours if you are using the Vaporfi Orbit with care. Inside the body is a 1.7-ml chamber where loosely packed herbs should be place for heating.

Grind them fairly well, but not too fine lest little bits come through the screen and into your mouth. The mouthpiece is all black and straight, not crater-shaped like some others you will see, giving the Orbit a distinctive appearance.

Operation is a Cinch

You can’t make a mistake with only one button to press. In a way, this is like the eGo-type pen vape for e liquids; a new Vaporfi Pro 3 1000mAh starter kit, for example. There is no screen to refer to; no variation buttons to think about or variable settings.

Just charge, press, wait less than a minute, and start vaping. Vaporfi promises long-lasting performance from their built-in battery charged using a USB charger. Remember: never try to load the chamber with e liquid, concentrates, or oils.

Buy the Vaporfi Orbit Kit

Vaporfi is advertising their Orbit for half-price right now. Get it while supplies last at the low price of $99.99, and even lower with our discount. It’s available in red or black with all the equipment you could possibly need. Customers receive the battery, a USB cable for recharging the device, and a cleaning brush.

Five replacement filters are supplied, all of them made from mesh. You also receive five silicone covers for the comfortable black mouthpiece. These go astray easily which is why Vaporfi supplies so many.

Keep the top clean and do not let dirt get inside to affect your flavors. Clean the Orbit after you use it to get rid of germs that build up on and in the mouthpiece and to clear out any remnants of previously used herbs.

Preventing Combustion

The Customer Service team at Vaporfi is eager and willing to help you make the most of your one-piece portable herbal vaporizer, but they also provide information on the website. Learn from their video tutorial, blog posts, by reviewing comments by customers, and by using social media conversations from the past or starting your own.

Some of these will help you learn how not to burn your herbs. This is a common problem with mid-level portable units like the Orbit. Conduction heating does not put enough distance between materials and the heating source, so it is likely for many people to experience this problem.

Avoid combustion by developing perfect timing; learn how long to let the machine heat up before inhaling. Keep the machine clean all the time and do not grind herbs too finely so they are unable to fall into the heating element.

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