Vaporfi PRO 3

Vaporfi has recently released their newest PRO series, the Vaporfi PRO 3. Their latest addition blends attractive colors which are just a bit different from the old ones with excellent technological improvements.

These changes are so small; nothing the naked eye could really see, especially where the battery is concerned. What you don’t notice on the outside makes a difference to the vaping experience of even someone trying vaping as a total newcomer.

All About the Vaporfi PRO 3

The starter kit is as you would expect: a tank with a modest-sized battery plus chargers and instructions. Vaporfi adds their usual excellent warranty and customer rewards as well as incentives for promoting their brand on social media, always standard options with any customer.

Add e juice to your order and feel encouraged by the excellent standards Vaporfi has always met using FDA-approved ingredients mixed in a regulated laboratory, all in the United States under careful scrutiny by domestic inspectors.

You also receive an updated battery which provides 1000mAh built right into the system. Vaporfi’s battery comes in shades like pink, blue, purple, and green but of a slightly altered shade from previous metallic ones.

Button Design

Once again, the PRO is a single-button, manually-operated device. If it reminds you of anything else, that would probably be the Kanger EVOD, a highly influential device. The button is circular and sits smoothly against the battery itself just as it has from the start with the PRO series battery and the EVOD too.

Vaporfi PRO 3 Starter Kit Tank

What about the top part? That is probably where things differ most going by aesthetics alone. The Vaporfi PRO 3 clearomizer features a removable top cap so you can refill from there. That’s got to be one of the best changes Vaporfi could have made.

Refilling at the very top takes away the single most inconvenient, messiest job relating to vaping: refilling. E juice drips everywhere when a tank is turned upside down and threads placed under increased strain tend to stick.

Moreover, the whole process with a bottom-filled clearomizer is time consuming. The newest eGo from Vaporfi was, obviously, designed and made by the pros. Add up to 2.5 ml of e juice every time you restore your supply of regular e juice, nothing too thick.

Mouth to Lung

Vaporfi ensures vapers enjoy a proper MTL experience now that the newest PRO is here. This means you don’t directly inhale into the lungs, so the Vaporfi PRO 3 remains a beginner or intermediate device.

Slide easily out of a smoking addiction into the vaping habit with their latest rendition of a favorite model, featuring 2 ohms of resistance; nothing too cloudy, but excellent if you like their extensive line of regular e liquids.

Compatible Clearo

The Vaporfi PRO 3 clearo supplied with a PRO 3 starter kit is threaded for 510-compatibility. Vaporfi makes a number of 510-threaded batteries, so the PRO 3 clearomizer can be used elsewhere if you want to add a splash of color to a serious black or silver battery.


This is where Vaporfi, like a lot of other American companies, isn’t the cheapest. Their warranty is excellent and products are designed in America, but these are still manufactured in China though sold at higher prices like $29.99 for just one battery, though you can use the discount on this page towards all hardware replacement parts.

Each clearomizer costs $19.99, its new, larger window showing an atomizer punched with several holes down the middle. A single, thin, straight metal mouthpiece is built into the top cap and is not replaceable but it fits the design well.

That’s one thing you won’t want or need to replace. Save wide bore drip tips for tanks with sub ohm resistance and big cloud-making capacity. A pack of five replaceable atomizers costs $17.99, but this creates a more economical setup than disposable clearos, even cheap ones.

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