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The Pro series e cig at Vaporfi is among the top-rated products in its class across the industry. Read about it in reviews, blogs, and forums: customers have been very happy with this simple device modeled after the Kanger EVOD and with Vaporfi as a company in general.

The Pro, with its flush firing button and slender profile, is also Vaporfi’s top-seller. Find out what it is and why the Pro is so popular. You could be on the trail of your next — or even your very first — e cig.

Simple Selection

While it is called the Pro, even new vapers can easily come to terms with its one-button operation. There is nothing to it: just press and puff.

You could relate the Pro to a manually-operated mini cig, but bigger. For vapers who find the cigalike battery frustratingly short-lived and do not find satisfaction in the minimal vapor it produces, a Pro allows them to compromise.

It is bigger than a cigalike, so a departure from the analog style, but not huge or heavy. With a cartomizer attached, this EVOD-type device measures just 5.75 inches long.

Half a Day’s Charge

Charge up a 650-mAh battery and you will be able to puff merrily without interruption for half a day at least. Light vapers can probably last the day on a single charge. There is a larger battery size as well, but the standard black Vaporfi Pro bundle that started it all comes with the 650-mAh cell.

Starter Kits

The price for this package was recently reduced from $49.99 to $44.98 and contains a full e cig. That is your battery, a 1.5-ml Pro-L cartomizer, 3 extra 2.2-ohm atomizers, a wall charger, and a USB charger.

Instead of a fully enclosed or completely transparent tube, Vaporfi chose the window-style: a covered tube you can see into through a narrow slit. Keep an eye on the level of your e juice by taking a peek here once in a while.

A Pro Colors Kit is much the same but offered in 8 possible shades including yellow, red, and green. Colors are also more expensive than basic black at $48.97, but you can mix and match shades to your liking and personalize your look.

The set does not come with 3 extra atomizers but you get to choose your size: regular or large. Select the 1000-mAh battery for $8 more and/or a Pro-XL cartomizer measuring 3 ml for another $3 or a Pro-L II (an upgrade to the original Pro-L) for $5.

Third is the Platinum Pro set with a large Platinum Tank and platinum-colored Pro battery. The Platinum Tank is wider than the cell, but they look good together. Pay $58.97 for this bundle.

Custom Kit Builder

Vaporfi offers clients a chance to build their own starter kits from pieces in their collection. These kits are comprised of Rocket or Pro batteries plus various tanks, Pro cartomizers included. Select the Pro 650 mAh, 1000 mAh, or 1000 mAh VV (the adjustable battery is not available in the other kits).

Choose the color you like and a tank to go with it. Most Vaporfi clearomizers, cartomizers, and tanks are interchangeable with their batteries and with competing models.

Watch the right hand side bar as your e cig appears in pieces: first a battery, then the top part, all in full color. You can see right away whether the result is harmonious or discordant.

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