Vaporfi Rebel II

When it comes to APVs, clients want and expect variable watts. These days it’s as though the variable voltage revolution never happened; that it is so primitive, so low-tech, so yesterday.

Those were the days when you had to read a chart to decide if your resistance was too low or too high for your mod. How did vapers function in the old days?

Original Vaporfi Rebel

Variable wattage devices have not been the norm for a long time, but the vaping community and R&D departments caught on quickly after that first release of high-tech items.

The price of owning VW units has come down and there are loads of models out there in tons of shapes. Safeguards built into products are becoming more sophisticated.

Products are released and then upgraded in the space of a year or less, a good example of which is the Vaporfi Rebel.

Vaporfi released this mod to great acclaim, launching vapers into a world where they could choose the size of their mod and their output; even juice-flow control. The original could be extended or contracted and features a 3-digit display. Starter kits cost $179.99.

Vaporfi Rebel II

So does a kit for the Rebel II, so why bother with version one?

It’s still a great product, but you get more power and some general improvements to juice flow with version two.

Your Rebel II kit comes with a high-drain battery, a standard battery, a Pyrex 4-ml tank, and the cylindrical base plus extra atomizers.

Built-in Protection

Since your cell is removable, Vaporfi has inserted a control chip which prevents the Rebel II from turning on in the event you get the ends mixed up. That stops you from accidentally destroying the Rebell II by reversing polarity.

Read levels of battery power and atomizer resistance on a bright but small rectangular display oriented horizontally about half-way down the stainless steel tube.

Adjustable Juice Flow

That ring at the base of your tank is for adjusting juice, allowing you to let in a little or a lot. You know how flow affects vapor production, flavor, even draw, but that is a highly personal choice so Vaporfi does not make the selection for you. Take control of your vaping experience.

Telescopic Sizing

Instead of packaging the Rebel II with an extension tube, Vaporfi made the base so that it could be screwed tighter or unscrewed and extended without anything but the base cap coming off and only to release batteries for changing and charging.

Choose the high-drain 2800-mAh item if you are alone, with vaping friends, or you could care less about what people think. Select a 750-mAh battery and reduce your vape’s size if you are modest, if you find the size and weight of a longer e cig uncomfortable, or you don’t vape heavily enough to use a big battery.

Seeing other People

What if your tank and tube want to go their separate ways and see other mods/tanks? Vaporfi has developed highly compatible threading so that you can attach the Rebel II base to their Titanium, Rocket, or Platinum tank; an Aspire Nautilus or Kanger Aerotank.

The Rebel II tank is compatible with Vaporfi’s Vox II, Rocket, and Pro 1000-mAh variable batteries/bases but also APVs like the Vamo.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy the Vaporfi Rebel II base alone as you can with a Vamo, however. This control base is sold only as part of the starter kit, so you have to at least begin with that partnership. Keep in mind though that it is a pairing which works exceptionally well together.

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