Vaporfi Rebel III

Vaporfi is one of the most trusted and most fashionable manufacturers of vaporizers, known for their reliable products that also look modern and stylish. They have recently launched their latest vaporizer, the Vaporfi Rebel III, which has lots of new features and functions that fans of Vaporfi products will love — and which even those who are new to the company’s range will enjoy.

Instantly recognizable as a Vaporfi vaporizer, the Vaporfi Rebel III has some similarities with previous models, particularly the stainless-steel finish, but it is also smaller than older designs, making it much easier to carry in pockets or bags, and much easier to use discreetly where needed.


Small Yet Powerful

But don’t let that smaller size fool you; the Vaporfi Rebel III is one of the most powerful vaporizers of its kind on the market, boasting a 5.8-ml tank powered by a by a formidable 3000mAh built-in battery.

The designers of the Vaporfi Rebel III have also given a great deal of thought to improving the quality of the vapor produced by their new product; the holes at the bottom of the wide bore drip tip have been included in an effort to boost the richness of the vapor produced by the mod, while the device also features a 0.5-ohm atomizer to help create larger clouds of vapor to improve your vaping experience beyond compare.

Style and Substance

The designers of the Vaporfi Rebel III have quite rightly spent a lot of time on the inner-workings of their mod, but they have also given a great deal of thought to how the new device looks and how easy it is for vapers to use. The easy-to-view battery indicator gives you a clear warning when your power is running low, while the mod is simplicity itself to take apart and put back together when it comes to cleaning.

Vaporfi also knows that the people who buy their vaporizers want to buy products that look good and that have cutting-edge design features. The Vaporfi Rebel III does not disappoint in this area either. Smaller in size than previous Vaporfi mods, this latest design still boasts a sleek, stainless-steel exterior and a rounded shape that makes it easy to hold, to use and to store.

One of the Best Vaporizers Around

Of course, such a high-quality product doesn’t come cheaply, and if you are new to vaping the Vaporfi Rebel III might not be the ideal product to start with. However, for experienced vapers who have perhaps used and fallen in love with Vaporfi products already, the Rebel III is the logical next step to take if you are looking for a more advanced and more powerful vaporizer to boost your vaping experience.

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