Vaporfi Rocket 3

The new Vaporfi Rocket is here, finally, after months of anticipation on the part of customers. They always know the signs of an impending new release. Older versions go on sale and rumors start on the blog.

Next thing you know, Vaporfi is announcing their latest release. The Rocket 3 has been causing a stir ever since customers caught wind that a new version was in the works.


New Vaporfi Rocket Starter Kit

Customers can now place their order for a starter kit. Choose silver, white, or black if you are going for stealth or trying to match your mod to every outfit by selecting neutral tones. Pick red, purple, or blue to make your own kind of splash. The set costs $89.99 for a battery, tank, extra coil, more O-rings, and a user manual. Let’s see what we can find out about the two main parts, the battery and tank.

Vaporfi Rocket Tank

At the top we have a removable, rebuildable atomizer tank with a large viewing window set into a reinforced metal sleeve plus airflow control. A wide, metal, removable drip tip stands out at the top all clean and shiny.

Inside the tank, Vaporfi has installed a 0.5-ohm coil which is going to bring wattage up to around 50W or so. That is not something vapers can regulate with the Rocket 3.

When the battery meets resistance of this level, watts will climb. They climb even further if the vaper installs a 0.1-ohm Ni200 coil. This is a more efficient addition since temperature-sensitive coils take longer to wear out, are more energy-efficient, and less likely to burn out or create dry hits.

Flavor from a Ni200 coil is said to be superior to that of a Kanthal coil. O-rings prevent leaks which is why extras are supplied. Vapers can fill the tank to 3.5 ml max, but this is a top-fill tank, so refilling is effortless.

Pen-style Battery

At the bottom, you see a tube mod battery, cell built-in, featuring 2500mAh of power. This part is where the power button lives. This is also where an LED light blinks to indicate that your wattage has changed since there is no screen to demonstrate power levels.

The battery is recharged using a USB cord and a charging source. When you need to recharge, there is no way to remove the cell; it stays inside. Plug in, wait for a while, and vape with another mod in the meantime. It is likely you will get a full day out of the Rocket 3 battery anyway when the charge is full, so plugging it in overnight is another way to go. You won’t have to fight your impatient side while waiting for full power to return.

Purchasing a Starter Kit

Don’t contemplate purchasing items individually. The tank costs $39.95 and a battery is $49.99. More coils are priced $17.99 for five, plus you would have to add charging equipment which is supplied with the starter kit.

You would definitely pay more if you bought bits on their own. Also, the starter kit is configured so you can order different colors of battery and tank. They do not have to match if you don’t want them to.

Add One More Thing

One thing is missing from this set and that would be e juice. The Vaporfi Rocket, being a sub ohm system, contains coils that were made for thick e juice. Purchase a bottle of Grand Reserve by Vaporfi and keep your order all in the same place instead of buying e liquid from a different vendor.

Shipping is free and vape experts have given awards to Vaporfi for their e juice. Loyal clients also earn reward points by shopping and can learn how to add even more. Join their Blend of the Month Club.

Post reviews on Facebook. Refer a friend. All of these tactics could earn a customer additional money to be spent only at Vaporfi on their electronic products, accessories, parts, and e liquid.

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