Vaporfi Rocket

Is your vaping style in a rut, needing a style overhaul plus additional power and control? The Vaporfi Rocket is a step or two up from Vaporfi’s Express, Air, Pro, and Pulse systems. It is great for intermediate users, sleek in stainless steel or black, and measures just 6.75″ with tank included. Here’s the spec.


Vaporfi Rocket Kit

You will probably buy this as a kit to save money. When bundled together, chargers, tank, and battery are less expensive than purchased separately.

The tank holds 2.5 ml of liquid and the atomizer offers 1.8-ohm resistance. Your battery is 1600 mAh for hours of vaping pleasure on each full charge using the USB charging cable, with or without the wall adapter included. Your tank base is a valve which you turn to adjust for tighter or looser airflow. You can attach an eGo or 510-threaded battery to the tank and vice versa, but they look fitting together.

Instead of just one window in the outer metal sleeve of your tank, there are four. This allows you to see your juice level easily but still providing protection to your inner glass tube. The drip tip is a straight item rounded at the top.

Replacements for the Rocket

If you were to purchase the Rocket tank for use with another battery, it would cost $39.99 and the battery is priced $49.99 if you prefer to join that cell to a different tank you already own.

Vaporfi conveniently designs tanks and batteries so they work with each other, and with many examples throughout their catalogue. For instance, the Rocket battery can be fitted to the Pro (L, L II, or XL), Clear, Platinum, Rebel, or Titanium Tank. Conversely, you could thread the Rocket tank to a Pro or Rebel battery.

Build Your Own Starter Kit

The Rocket is one of 4 batteries available in Vaporfi’s custom kit building section. The other three are Pros: the 650 mAh, 1000 mAh, and 1000 mAh VV in various colors.

Attach one of the tanks above, add a wall charger, and ask for more atomizer replacements. A USB charger is included. As a result, you could build your own combination of colors and features and watch an e cig take shape on the screen, but there is no savings involved in doing this. That’s why a bundle is such a good idea.

Less Expensive Kits

Although I like Vaporfi’s style, there are some great alternatives out there like the Ego One by JoyeTech which costs less and offers just as much as the Rocket. You could also buy just the battery and use a Nautilus by Aspire as the tank. Examples are currently available online for less than $30.

E Juice for the Rocket

Since you have not reached the point where you adjust volts and watts (that’s the Rebel II), sub-ohm vaping isn’t really an option with the Rocket. Vaporfi sells Artisan juices containing 60% vegetable glycerin.

But if you are not making big clouds, these bottles are expensive compared with Vaporfi’s standard series for $15.99 in 30-ml plastic bottles.

Vaporfi not only makes lots of excellent flavors ready to ship (Strawberry Milk, Clove, Mojito, Totally Toffee, Cotton Candy, and more), you can also build your own flavor from what they have on the list already. Combine up to three flavors. The Rocket tank is ready to handle even the most citrus-filled or feisty flavors you can throw at it without cracking.

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