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It’s amazing that, no matter how often things change, they somehow stay the same. Staying the same can be a good thing, especially when we are talking about something that was good or even great to start with, like Virgin Vapor.

They already scored points for the standards being set at this online e liquid base from the United States and their exceptional product selection. While 90% of e liquid companies in America go crazy wondering how they can possibly satisfy the FDA, Virgin Vapor can rest easily. Regulations won’t do much to them because of stringent self-regulation already in place.

The New Website for Virgin Vapor

One little tweak on their website shows that Virgin Vapor is trying to ensure greater safety for vape users, though this is difficult online at the best of times.

Consumers are asked to verify that they are of smoking age or above before entering the site. That’s not a hard test to fool, but at least this is a start and a sign that vendors take the issue seriously.

At Virgin Vapors they were never trying to attract kids anyway. You don’t see cartoons on their bottles, that’s for sure, and the website is not designed to attract minors.

Instead, it’s all business: a blue background, lots of factual headings, and a simple format without little animation shorts or fonts suitable for a circus sideshow poster. A few other little changes tidy up an already decent site, giving it a more professional look.

Links to awards and affiliation with various trade organizations are lined up at the top. You can view awards and membership in groups like the AEMSA.

More on the Site

A continuation from the website as it was before, a side bar lists best sellers on the right. Here you see that these best sellers are also much the same as they were a month or more ago. Even when presented with countless cereal and custard choices, vapers at Virgin Vapor continue to choose old favorites like Best Damn Tobacco, Death by Chocolate, Menthol Moon Drops, Celestial Honeydew, and Wicked Watermelon.

It’s like the e juice revolution never happened. When American companies started making e juice, tobacco, menthol, chocolate, and melon were their favorites. A few years later, nothing has really changed.

Below features, you can read a recent blog with a sensible topic. Learn how to vape safely if your state is beset by high temperatures this summer. Not everyone is so lucky as to be concerned about the heat with wicked weather patterns blowing around the continent, messing up holiday plans, but if your temps are rising, read this blog post for some sound and timely advice.

Also use the page to find testimonials from happy customers. They can even lead you to their favorite e juices if the ones on that best-seller side bar don’t interest you.

E Juice at Virgin Vapor

One thing you can be sure of at Virgin Vapor is quality, like organic and natural ingredients. They go to exceptional effort in order to use as many organic ingredients as possible for the purest possible result.

All e liquids are mixed and bottled at a US lab where close attention is paid to safety and cleanliness, even to the point of using special machines not found in most other labs. Would I trust Virgin Vapor? You bet I would.

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