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Save 10% at Vista Vapors

I am curious to see how all of the vaping companies I once thought were rock solid are faring in light of the recent legislation. Will they hold strong or lose their way?

Is it even possible to continue operating under the stress of applying to the FDA, with the cost of this application weighing heavily, and the time it takes to fill out all of the paperwork? Vista Vapors has forged ahead undaunted. They even released a new, cleaner website.

New Vista Vapors WebsiteThe New Vista Vapors Website

A few little tweaks have led to the launch of a sharper, more professional page. This is still the old Vista Vapors; their story is still the same; and so are their aims as a business.

Learn all you need to know about the company’s mission, their beginnings, what they sell, and how to earn money or enjoy discounts as part of the Vista Vapors team.

Categories at the Bottom

Head to the very bottom of the landing page where you will see an assortment of categories. These include “sponsorship,” one I imagined would herald something entirely different from what I found.

Instead of an application to have Vista Vapors sponsor your event, this is a page where vapers learn how to obtain free stuff and/or discounts when they promote Vista Vapors on social media. Learn the requirements and what is in store if you review their products on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

This is totally different, a way to earn real cash instead of products in kind or 10% off your next purchase. With the Affiliate Marketing scheme at Vista Vapors, vapers get the chance to promote e juice made and found here using a web-based platform like a blog or other websites.

In exchange for their role in encouraging shoppers to make purchases which are directly linked to this platform, the affiliate earns a percentage of sales.

E Juice FAQ

I wanted to know more about e juice from Vista Vapors as this is their flagship product, so I headed to this section. My first question had to do with additives we don’t want to find in our e liquids: diacetyl and others.

Here is what Vista Vapors had to say. They claim to have been “proactive” when it comes to diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, pentanedione, and acetoin. What does this mean?

Since 2013, the firm started asking suppliers to stop using ingredients they or anyone in the industry thought might be harmful. This led to limiting some ingredients and getting rid of some flavors. They don’t think there are any of the four elements listed above found in their e juices.

An answer to my internal response is given before it can be uttered: “they only think there are none of those toxins in their e liquid?” That’s right, but by initiating independent testing, Vista Vapors will find out for sure.

Vista Vapors will do what they have to do as results become available. What does that mean? Products will come off of shelves or ingredients tweaked. Every flavor will undergo testing.

Vista Vapors wants to be able to state categorically that no harmful ingredients are to be found in their e juice but warns that, for the time being, anyone with worries should stay away from flavors such as the creamy or buttery types.

Free E-Juice - Just pay $1.99 Shipping
As for USP ingredients or the condition of their mixing facility, maybe a good, long hunt on their site would help me find all of that out. It’s not obvious, not proactively mentioned as far as I can see, so the clean-up of their site hasn’t helped as much as I’d hoped.

This has been something I have noticed at Vista Vapors all along. With the FDA breathing down everyone’s necks, surely it won’t be long before Vista Vapors posts a note about their approved ISO lab- and pharmacy-grade ingredients.

E Juice at Vista Vapors

Vista Vapors lists hardware, but simple fruit, candy, tobacco, and beverage-flavored e juice is where it all started, so the focus of my review is their e liquid for regular and sub ohm systems. Besides a wide selection of flavors, there are several ways to customize your order.

Choose the level of nicotine you want. Choices are 24 mg down to 1.5 mg or zero if you want to cut out the stimulant entirely.

Select a blend of 50/50 or max vegetable glycerin. Add a boost of flavor for 1 extra dollar in a 10-ml bottle and select the size of bottle starting at $2.99 for 10 ml.

A 17-ml or 32-ml bottle can be purchased in glass or plastic; otherwise, select up to 102 ml and save money as your volume increases. There does not appear to be any other way to apply a discount such as buying 10 bottles at a time.

Additional E Juices at Vista Vapors

A huge array of other brands is also available for purchase. I don’t know if they are all independent but none of them appears familiar. Do these companies also follow Vista Vapors’s protocol when it comes to independent testing?

I imagine the premium flavors they once made and sold were removed because of their creamy texture when they started thinking about diacetyl et al, and the styles they warn customers about.

Save Money With Vista Vapors

Vista Vapors is one of those American e cig success stories that give the vaping world goose bumps. The owners wanted to send a positive message to their kids and their community by giving up cigarettes and providing a way for others to do the same.

Their vision led to a business that’s doing very well. When companies are successful they can afford to be generous.

Vista Vapors Generosity

Save money by shopping with Vista Vapors for all of your e liquid and hardware for people with mid-range skills. Vista Vapors opts to stock affordable products, not the high-end mods, so all of the devices seen here are designed to give the average vaper quality for a low price. Vista Vapors guarantees low prices every day.

At Vista Vapors, they run contests like one for the month of June where any order gives a customer the chance to win $2,000. Shipping is always free in the mainland USA, so you automatically save money by choosing Vista Vapors.

Browse the Web

Type “Vista Vapors coupons” into your browser and watch what happens. Several offers to save money show up with assorted promo codes and offers of up to 30% off.

Reward Points

Vista Vapors likes their customers so much they reward them with points when they place an order, any order. Every $1 spent becomes 100 points. Spend 5,000 points and save $5 on an order for e juice, batteries, or whatever you want.

E Liquid Luxury

Vista Vapors already makes excellent e juice in so many flavors their menu deserves a close look. They also carry premium cloud-chasing flavors. How do you save money with e juice if it’s already priced well below the average: you buy large bottles, that’s how. Don’t stick with the little ones. Those are great for sampling flavors but, once you know a flavor is your all-day vape, pick up the volume discount.

Save 10% at Vista Vapors

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