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Volcano ECigs isn’t into change for its own sake. While certain brands are releasing herbal vaporizers, new variable watt mods, and extra flavors or a new line of e liquid, Volcano has its own approach to the market.

Maybe in time their lineup will also expand, but for now they focus on ensuring the quality of their same three e cigs and responding to the needs of their customers. Can they compete against other big names in 2017? I would say they possess a slick image and good products that stand up to inspection. Here’s a look at what is available from Volcano ECigs right now.

2017 Volcanoecigs.com Coupon Codes

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Magma Kit for New Vapers

If you hurry, you can get a bargain: the Magma Kit is on sale for $39.99. It was already decent value with the M-Pack portable charging case, charging accessories, 10 cartridges, and 2 batteries. Now it’s exceptional value. Choose black or white and select from a long list of flavors in three strengths. There’s Cherry Lava, Waikiki Watermelon, Pineapple Punch, Milk Chocolate, Menthol, and Vanilla Bean plus others. Choose Lights, Full Strength, or Zero nicotine.

As you examine this product, look to the right of your screen. There you will see related products such as replacement batteries. These cost $9.99 each or you can buy a Mega battery for $11.99. Although e cig batteries are generally overpriced, among competitors these are excellent prices for mini cig cells.

Usually, when a major item like this goes on sale, you can expect the company to be preparing to launch something new. Is Volcano about to release a new version of the Magma or thinking of getting rid of it? My Spidey senses tell me there could be change afoot.

The Inferno

E liquid vaporizers get hotter and hotter at Volcano: you go from Magma to an Inferno with their next-level kit. Choose the $79.99 starter kit and receive two batteries: one 900 mAh, the other 650 mAh.

Together they supply the power to vape for a day and a half before you have to charge cells once more. The package also contains a BC Tube Tank with 1.8-ohm coils and three replacement coils, plus a wall adapter and mini USB cable.

You receive 15 ml of e liquid too which comes in even more flavors than cartridges do. Select Kohala Bear, Striped Gum, Capn’ Cook, or Parker Rancher in one of 4 possible strengths. Inferno kits come in several colors such as red, silver, purple, and white.

A new product from Volcano is their Inferno Express Kit for $29.99. This is the equivalent of one full e cig pen with a 650-mAh battery, removable drip tip, and a mini USB cable. Just add e liquid and you’re ready to vape.

LavaTube 2.5: Hottest Yet

Meet Volcano’s hottest item. It’s a VV/VW tube for use with an 18650 rechargeable battery: the LavaCell IMR 2000 mAh which comes with a starter kit. You also receive an XTAR Multi-charger, a battery case to stop your cells from rolling around and getting lost, plus Volcano’s BC Tube Tank System and drip tip.

As with the Inferno, there are loads of colors to choose from but the cushioned carry case is slick black. A 15-ml bottle of e liquid is also included. Change the tip with an anodized, acrylic, or glow-in-the-dark drip tip for $3.49.

Now that VW box mods are hot, I wonder if Volcano will increase the power of their LavaTube. Adding variable wattage was a smart move, but now they might wish to increase the wattage limit to compete with other brands and provide the means of sub-ohm vaping. They could do this by adapting an existing product or by adding a new type of mod.


E Liquid at Volcano

Select a 15-ml or 30-ml bottle: 30 ml is your best value. At $12.99 for 15 ml, you are paying higher-than-premium prices compared with most top-shelf juice. On the other hand, $19.99 for 30 ml is fair value. You can also choose a flavor of the week to save yourself 30%: it was Maui Mango when I checked, but every week there’s a new one. Volcano E Liquid is US-made from USP ingredients.

To save money when ordering juice, just buy more bottles at one time. Volume discounts apply to all flavors.

Again, I’m wondering about trends and changes in the market and wondering if Volcano plans to release a new line of e liquid. If they did, it would be a thicker juice for use in cloud-chasing mods. Many of their clients just buy Volcano juice and use it with other brands’ hardware.

More about Volcano E Cigs

Since 2009, Volcano has been tweaking their product line to improve the quality of batteries, tanks, and flavors. They’ve added and adjusted to become one of the most trusted names in this business internationally.

It’s not just their exotic roots (Hawaii) which make people sit up and take notice. The addition of numerous shops throughout the United States proves that this company intends to stay and can compete with other major brands.

Volcano’s website is a shopping portal but also a place to explore the industry. Use their knowledge center to look up the answers to questions about e liquid, vape pens, and vaping in general. Start a conversation with someone at headquarters via live chat.

Explore the idea of becoming an affiliate marketer with Volcano. Affiliates do not carry products or take payment from customers. They promote the brand by adding banners and coupons to existing websites and blog pages in return for a percentage of sales tracked back to these promotional materials.

Customers also earn rewards by shopping with Volcano. With points earned, they can eventually turn around and buy stuff or save some money on a purchase. These reward points work the way shopping loyalty cards do: a certain number of points equals a dollar for use at the store only.

20% Off site wide at VOLCANO eCigs


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