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White Cloud E Cigs has a lot of fans and for several reasons. Consumers love their customer service and flavor selection.

Customers with a deeper interest in science appreciate their “Demistified” section. Those who favor disposables love the assorted flavors of their Fling series and the low price. The Florida DEP appreciates White Cloud’s efforts to create a greener vaper.

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Be a Green Vaper with White Cloud

How does an e cig company (or any other business for that matter) win an award from the Department of Environmental Protection? At White Cloud E Cigs they garnered this coveted accolade by recycling more than 72% of their solid waste.

This is an outstanding feat managed in two ways:

  • One is by partnering with Anaheim’s Big Green Box Recycling Program which enables consumers to recycle their Fling Disposable e cigs and other e cig batteries.
  • The other is by choosing environmentally responsible packing methods to cut back on waste at the warehouse and in packing goods sent to customers.

It helps that White Cloud runs an exclusively online business so they aren’t heating multiple retail stores either.

Breaking News

White Cloud recently kept consumers up to date with the FDA ruling on e cigs. You could register for their webinar right on their crisp, bright website and stay in the loop. White Cloud also features breaking news in their blog and makes it available to those who subscribe to the e-Newsletter along with coupon codes, sales, and promotions.

Seasonal Surprise

The flavor list at White Cloud has been a significant reason for their success. This is a long menu compared to offerings by some other mini cig companies and also comprised of USA-made flavors.

This autumn the company introduced a limited-edition flavor: Pumpkin Pi (they use the mathematical symbol). Other flavors of ClearDraw cartridges include Vanilla, Apache Tobacco, Iced Berry, and Espresso.

Vapor Flavors

Let’s investigate their flavors more fully as there are multiple versions. The original ClearDraw was followed by ClearDraw 2 and InvisiVapor. The last of these is an effort on the part of White Cloud to reduce vapor to the point of near invisibility. It’s ironic that so many advanced vapers seek to create as much vapor as they can by using sub-ohm resistance and high watts. At the other end of the spectrum, new vapers covet discretion. They don’t even necessarily want their battery tips to glow.

Regular and V.2 ClearDraw cartridges come in varying strengths, and also offer flavors like Cinnamon, Strawberry, or Lime and Coconut. The original ClearDraw contains 0.75 ml of nicotine liquid while V.2 dispenses with cotton filler to provide more room but the same dimensions (3.5 cm x 1 cm) for a full 1-ml e juice capacity. Costs vary. I would have benefited from a comparison chart to smooth the way instead of experiencing the confusion of trying to track down the differences and keep them straight.

Cirrus Starter Kits

Starter bundles contain Cirrus 2, 3, or 3X batteries, cartridges, and chargers in assorted combinations. Their Omni Kit is a good place to start, however, as you can see the way costs and performance rise or fall according to your preferred product. The basic Omni Kit costs just $39.95. It contains 2 Cirrus 2 batteries, a pack of 5 cartridges in your choice of flavor, an AC adapter, and a Chargebolt USB charger.

Here is how to jack the price up beyond $39.95, potentially as high as $114.95. Add a third battery for $10, $15, or $20. Upgrade the two batteries already included to a Cirrus 3 for $3 more or a 3X for $10 more.

Change the Chargebolt USB charger to a Squid charger which simultaneously recharges up to 3 batteries. An extended warranty is already included but adding a European charger or charging set increases the bill by $10 or $15.

Exploring the Batteries

To get a sense of the relative value of each kit you need to know more about those batteries. A Cirrus 3 is not bigger or more powerful than the 2: it is, in fact, smaller.

Customers will vape for a shorter period of time but it recharges more quickly and more closely emulates the size of a regular cigarette with a ClearDraw cartridge attached.

The Cirrus 2 provides up to 9 hours or 320 puffs per 90-minute charge vs. a maximum of 6 hours and 200 puffs following a full 90-minute charge from the Cirrus 3. The Cirrus 3X ups the ante: as much as 12 hours or 600 puffs following 2 hours of charging.

These batteries are usually priced $14.95, $17.95, and $24.95 respectively but are currently on sale. Right now they cost $9.95, $14.95, and $19.95, meaning they are not worth purchasing in the Omni Pack.

Add them to your list separately for $0.05 less each time. When the sale is over, that Omni Starter Kit will look like good value. White Cloud offers excellent value overall.

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