Vaporfi Custom Vaporizer Builder

Vaporfi puts customers in the driver’s seat in so many ways. You can choose from several models of e cig, request your personal blend of e juice, and even build an e cig. The Vaporfi Custom Vaporizer Builder is an optional way to buy a starter kit from the leading brand of vaporizers in America.

Starter Kit System

Usually, a starter kit provides two features: savings and convenience. They provide every essential item for use with a specific model of electronic vaporizer which includes chargers, a tank, and a battery. Often this package is cheaper than ordering items individually, but clients are stuck in one respect: they have to go with the vendor’s notion of what fits together. Customers don’t like being told what to do but they’ll go with the flow in order to save money. At least they know all the parts inside their kit are compatible.

The Customizable Difference

A Custom Vaporizer Builder from Vaporfi doesn’t save you money, but there are two advantages to ordering from this section. You retain the certainty that all parts fit together: chargers, batteries, tanks, and extra atomizers. Also, this is a way to mix and match parts which, though compatible, wouldn’t ordinarily be sold as a package.

How it Works

Step #1 of building your custom e cig is selecting a battery. Vaporfi offers two types of Pro (650 mAh and 1000 mAh) and the Rocket VV battery because they and their accompanying tanks fit each other’s threading design. The 650-mAh cell costs $24.99. Add $5 for another 350 mAh or pay $49.99 for the Rocket. Pro batteries come in 10 colors and the Rocket is available in either black or stainless steel.

Step #2 involves selecting a tank of which there are currently four (one of which is being phased out.) The Pro-L is currently on sale for $9.98 and only available in 3 of its original 10 colors. Don’t expect it to last. The replacement, a Pro-L II costs $14.99 in the same 10 hues found in the Pro battery section. A Rocket Tank costs $39.99 in black or stainless steel. Try the stainless steel Platinum II for $24.99.

As you select these items a sidebar on the right side of your screen shows it taking shape. Both color and tank design are depicted so that you don’t have to try and imagine what a tank with windows or a transparent tank will look like against a cell or the way colors will blend or clash.

Add Extras

Each battery comes with a USB charger automatically, but an AC adapter is sold separately for $8.99. You can add this plus a packet of five 1.5-ohm atomizers for $19.99. Under the picture of your vaporizer, prices are automatically tallied until you wind up with the total cost of your starter kit, but you can start again at any time.

Save Money

While there are no discounts for this package on their website, customers can still save money on their custom-built vaporizer. Sign up to receive an electronic newsletter and receive 10% off your first order plus the chance to enjoy future discounts, and of course you can use our 12% promo code.


Vaporfi Pro II

Vapers who have come to know and love the Pro by Vaporfi recognize the quality and user-friendly nature of its design. Absolute beginners adopted this as their first e cig. Vapers with a little more experience chose this as their second device after using the Express or a similar cigalike first.

Many consumers chose the Vaporfi Pro as a secondary e cig, one for taking in their purses or briefcases when traveling as opposed to a larger device like the Vox or Rebel. A new Pro has been added to Vaporfi’s extensive catalogue. It has come to replace the original and is the same product in most ways, just better.

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Vaporfi Pro II Kit

Even if you already own all the gear for a Pro including chargers, go ahead and buy the starter kit for a Pro II. You will save yourself some money and your equipment will be brand new.

The major difference between a Pro I and Pro II is in the tank, but we will get to that in a minute. First, here is what a starter kit contains.

For $49.99, you receive a 650-mAh, 3.7V battery. There is a tank with three 1.5-ohm atomizers included, a USB charging cable, and a wall adapter. The entire device measures 6 inches. Your tank comes with a removable silver drip tip as well. Although there are several colors available, bundles are only sold in black.

The Pro-L II Tank

Your kit comes with this new and improved tank, the Pro-L II. It is very similar to the original tank with a skinny window for viewing your liquid measurement to ensure you aren’t running out and dangerously close to burning your atomizer dry.

Resistance can be 1.5 ohms or 1.8 ohms when you replace atomizers. A set of five replacements costs $19.99, a recommended purchase when you order the starter kit.

Vaporfi’s original Pro-L came with 2.2-ohm coils and was topped off with a removable black drip tip. Both the original and new Pro-L tank measure hold 1.5 ml of liquid. Since the earlier version is being phased out, Vaporfi is listing them for $9.98 until they are gone, so act quickly to secure a bargain. Pro-L II tanks cost $14.99.

Pro Batteries

There are two sizes of battery: 650 mAh and 1000 mAh with variable voltage. The smaller one costs $24.99 and comes in 10 colors, just like the tank.

Charge it at the bottom using a USB cable. Choose a bright shade of purple or a quieter color like dark blue. Combine a battery and tank of the same color or create a combination to match the shades of your favorite sports team’s jersey or your state flag.

Turn your battery on and off by rapidly pressing the button 5 times. Larger batteries can be adjusted through a voltage range of 3.2V to 4.8V and cost $29.99. They measure 5.25″.


The Pro battery and Pro-L II tank by Vaporfi were designed to work with a number of other systems, so this pairing is not exclusive. For example, Vaporfi suggests you could add a Rocket or Pulse battery to the tank.

The Pulse is also being phased out so that won’t work for long, but if your Pulse tank is on its last legs and you still own the battery but need a tank, a Pro tank will do the trick. Pro batteries work with assorted Vaporfi clearomizers and tanks including the Platinum.

You can also create a starter kit from Pro items using the custom kit builder at Vaporfi. With hardware sorted, all you need is a bottle of e juice, preferably Vaporfi’s regular line.

These 30-ml bottles costing $15.99 each contain a suitable balance of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that won’t clog your Pro-L II’s dual coil atomizers.


Vaporfi E Juice

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Vaporfi has a very vast selection of e-liquids, providing an option for almost any taste and doing so at a price point that is relatively reasonable, showing prices that are comparable to other lines on the market. Combined with our discounts, the price point turns pretty sweet!

The only available option for bottle size is 30 ml, which hopefully actually contains 30 ml of e juice. Many companies have bottles that house less than their marketed contents due to the thickness of the glass, the shape. Granted we don’t measure the milliliters of a bottle when we receive it, we are pretty sure these guys don’t fall into that category.

The company also shows the results of various lab tests at the bottom of their e juice pages. These guys are always ahead of trhe curve, and they surely say the looming regulations ahead of time, so you can rest assured they are already ahead of spec a far as testing will go and other areas of regulation of juices.

Their 30-ml bottles are priced around $17 a piece, which is less than the gourmet e juice lines that are most popular in the community. The options for composition of customized e juice blends are either 50% propylene glycol (PG) & 50% vegetable glycerin (VG), or 70% PG & 30% VG.

The 70% PG blend will have decent taste, as higher VG blends often lose a bit of taste, but these blends will also provide customers with more throat hit. Higher VG blends produce bigger clouds, so for the customers searching for a mixture of throat hit and big clouds with good taste, the 50/50 blend is going to be the best choice. For those smokers who want a bit more throat hit, the 70% PG blends are much more in the line of fire.

When creating a blend, customers can choose from one to three flavors mixed together, also electing to add either a single shot or double shot of any flavors chosen. Nicotine levels can be chosen from 0%, 3%, 6%, 12% and 18%, offering ample options to wean off of nicotine eventually, if that is the goal.

The categories of flavors they provide pre-made are tobacco, menthol, dessert, fruit, or other flavors, also providing an option for fruit flavor booster, or general flavor booster. So if the juices do not have enough flavor, for $5, customers can change that themselves to their own tastes.

As far as products sold by Vaporfi, their e juice line is a nice choice, and if you love it, you will be hard pressed to ever run out of flavor options. For information from other customers about their juices, ratings can be found on each e juice out of five stars.


The Cost Of E-Cigs vs Smoking

The vast majority of people who are interested in or have tried vaporizers in some form or another — whether they were e-cigarettes of a name brand or mechanical mods — started off smoking cigarettes. That fact being said, most of those individuals already know how much it costs them to smoke. Although most smokers know the value of a pack of their favorite smokes, that is information typically stepped on until it can be forced to the back of the mind, making it easier to justify continually adding to the annual cost of being a smoker.

From time to time, it is wise to look at the big picture and gain some perspective. Especially for the person who just needs one more reason to want to quit smoking, looking at the math can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, strengthening the resolve to committing to quitting and finding another way to live.

The cost of packs can vary pretty greatly, as can taxes. For this purpose, a conservative estimate is more than enough. A pack of Camel 99 Blues typically costs just about $5, give or take a dollar. A pack a day smoker will therefore spend $150 a month, or approximately $1,800 a year. Even a light smoker smoking a quarter pack a day, in a year, that’s still close to $500. With tax, those numbers spike and for the Newport smoker, a $5 a day habit looks more like $7, so case in point, it gets more expensive.

Monetary Cost of E Cigs

The E-cigarette market has changed a lot since the analog cigarettes first started appearing in stores. That is still where most determined smokers go to try quitting smoking. A starter kit with 2 batteries, a couple chargers and typically 5 cartridges meant to each simulate a pack costs approximately $50. 350 more cartridges will probably cost another $700 in the year, plus electrical bills to charge the batteries, which take a negligible amount of energy to charge. To use an e-cigarette over the year, still using the equivalent to a pack a day, at around $750 for the happy e-cigarette user, the monetary cost is cut in half and then some. What if the e-cigarette is not quite satiating the craving for nicotine?

Monetary Cost of Other Vapes

If heavier vapor and better delivery is desired, there are other vaporizers that have refillable tanks, more of a variety of juices (sold in bottles), as well as other battery options. An E-go setup for a beginner might be $20 for a battery, $5 for a charger, $20 for a tank, $3 per replacement atomizer and $10 per 10-ml bottle of juice. Juice and atomizers are the recurring charges, so one time fees approximate the same as brand name e cigs at around $50. Atomizers survive a median of 2 weeks, bottles survive a median of a week for vapers who vape as often as they were smoking and no more. At that rate, a year of juice would be approximately $500, with another $80 a year for atomizers. In total, this setup runs about $630 a year, if only sticking to the basics.

Collateral Costs

With all things, there are risks involved. Smoking has been well-known to lead to cancer and other complications. As a result of this knowledge, smokers keep in mind that the cost of smoking can also be their lives, which are priceless.

Vaporizers are still being researched, but the nicotine provided in them is not necessarily cancer-causing. Nicotine itself is a stimulant like caffeine. Vapes may be proven to have a negative effect, but they appear at least better than smoking. However, many vape users find the options to buy new batteries, tanks, gourmet juices and many other modifications irresistible and find vaping and accessorizing to be another addiction that can double the costs.

No matter what people choose to do, caution is urged and careful forethought is promoted. Vaping can be a cheap, fun alternative to smoking, but a lack of discipline can make it just as expensive.