Are you a budding e juice blender with an idea for a label? HeartlandVapes can help you get started. Do you want to mix e juice at home for personal use? Maybe HeartlandVapes has the ingredients you need, as long as you don’t mind ordering in bulk. This a wholesale provider, but also a place to find your ideal All Day Vape.

HeartlandVapes and Oklahoma Vapor Supplies

From their base in Oklahoma City, HeartlandVapes sells propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, flavoring, bottles, and equipment. They have much of what you need here; this is your one-stop online shop.

Because you are not purchasing gourmet products, the prices are extremely low. Nicotine values range from zero to 100 mg. Obviously, you would not vape 100 mg e juice, but when it is expertly blended with other ingredients, you won’t find it has the same potency.

Nicotine: Zero?

At first, this could fill you with uncertainty. A zero-nicotine product under the heading for nicotine makes no sense, until you realize this is a blend. What they should call it is “e juice base” with PG and VG included but no flavoring.

PG and VG for Blending

When you see “wholesale provider” that means there are no 15-ml bottles of base liquid. They sell PG in sizes of 1 liter to 55 gallons with lots of stops in between. HeartlandVapes doesn’t mess around. The same goes for VG. That works out to be just pennies per ml until you create the blend and, even then, you are going to create a very economical product. The bigger your container is (i.e. 55 gallons), the less each milliliter of e juice is going to cost in the end as long as you don’t spill any.

Flavored E Juice

There is a small selection of flavors available for wholesale purchase. They are what you would call “simple” styles like apple, cappuccino, some candies, drinks, and fruited tobaccos. You can also blend your own e juices with flavorings provided here, but some of them look quite refreshing on their own.

Dozens of Flavors

There are loads of flavors to choose from. You can try a candy like butterscotch, black tea, or virtually any fruit. Select cereal, a cocktail such as Crème de Menthe, or a mentholated flavoring for your tobacco or fruit vape. Choose baked goods like banana nut loaf or donut. There are five flavor labels to choose from; HeartlandVapes is just one of them. Flavorings cost more than other ingredients, but you only need a very little bit. Have fun creating gourmet concoctions from neutral flavors with more powerful ones.

Brands of E Juice

Now that I’ve told you all about the ingredients one puts together in order to make her own e juice, let’s move on to the pre-made flavors by Heartlandvapes and others. Names include Frog Fogg, Lucky 13, Smoke Signal, and Texas Tea.

Here are some “Frog” flavors: Blue that tastes like sweet and sour gummies; Green, an apple punch with sweet grape juice; and Pink strawberry-filled flaky iced pastry.


I was surprised that there isn’t more product here to peruse, but HeartlandVapes offers a small selection of bottling equipment. Buy gloves, bottles, and syringes. That’s basically it. If you want more, there are firms which sell the entire kit of specialist clothing and safety gear online. As it stands, this should be enough to get you started for home-based use and part-way to business-level mixing and bottling.


The most important certificates deem this company compliant with the Child Nicotine Poison Prevention Act. This is indicated by their CFR Title. Other important details include the promise of secure shopping online with their protected e-commerce checkout. Also, you can get your gear free of shipping charges by ordering $75 or more worth of stuff.

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