Pax Vaporizer Coupon Codes

Ploom became Pax when the makers of this portable herbal vaporizer parted company with former Japanese partners. Now you can buy the Pax 2, but the Original Pax Vaporizer is still a Ploom product.

Yep, it’s a rather complicated development. Packaging for the V.1 continues to bear this name because it really is a Ploom device. The new one is not, yet the Pax 2 will still be familiar to anyone who owned or ever used the original.

Pax Vaporizer Coupon Codes

Pax 2 - Price Drop: Now $199.99 (was $279)

Pax Vaporizer V.1

The first device is now priced around $200 on sale. Many vendors are selling it off at a discounted price to get rid of old stock, distance themselves from the name “Ploom,” and bring the newest Pax on board. About half a million Pax vaporizers were sold before V.2 was released.

Originals come in 4 dark shades of anodized aluminum which gives them a stealthy appearance but also creates a tough exterior.

Release the black mouthpiece to find your power button and start heating up the Pax.

One feature exposes the soft, gentle side of a Pax: a little flower-shaped light on one side. This light operates as a battery-life indicator and indicates the temperature of your oven depending on which function you ask for. Shake the Pax and the purpose of this light switches over, as do the colors depicted there.

Internal, Rechargeable Battery

I’m not crazy about this feature of the Pax in either version: the internal battery. That’s just my preference, as some people prefer internal. The battery is rechargeable, which is good for the environment and for your vaping costs. A rechargeable battery can last for up to 300 cycles if it is never completely depleted of its charge before recharging. The battery lasts for a couple of hours at a time and requires a similar amount of time to recharge on the special docking station/stand provided.

I always prefer, however, a removable battery. A Firefly battery comes out so I can replace it with a new, fully charged one and continue vaping. Pass-through systems are also effective, though they tie you to a USB power source so your device is not wireless for a time. I can see, though, that without another door to let the battery out, there are fewer removable pieces or screws to create seams and interruptions in the smooth features of your vaporizer.

Version 1 measures 4 1/8 inches long and takes at least 30 seconds to heat up: more time is needed to reach higher temperatures, but this is relatively quick for a high-end portable herbal vaporizer.

Version 2.0: the New Pax

A second version released in recent months is in time for the giving of gifts in observation of Mothers Day and Fathers Day, and is available in a couple of lighter shades. The exterior is thinner but still light, made from anodized aluminum, and durable.

Fill a deeper oven with finely ground herbs for longer periods of vaping and 30% more efficient battery will make short work of it. Use the single, 1-button operating system to get it going. You will find this button under a removable mouthpiece as you did with V.1. At the bottom, also like its predecessor, the Pax V.2 is fitted with a magnetic lid which holds herbs in a bottom-loaded chamber. Removing these and cleaning the chamber is easy.

This will be pitted most likely against the Davinci Ascent, Firefly, and Arizer Solo. They all vaporize herbs wirelessly in a similar price range.

One of the biggest changes to Pax’s herbal vaporizer has to do with its size: 3.87″. Any vaporizer measuring less than 4″ when fully assembled is stealthy and easy to carry around without being seen or noticed. You just know that, regardless of what you put in that chamber, some people will judge first and ask questions later.

Chambers for both devices are non-ceramic. Version 2.0 uses Kapton heater flex. I looked up “Kapton” and found out that it has to do with a type of adhesive, but I’m not sure what fumes or aromas this might release. Ceramics are neutral and preferable over most materials for the making of herbal heating chambers.

Pax is charging around $280 for this newest model they (and the vaping world) expect will become another winner. Choose from 4 heat settings and recharge on a magnetic USB dock.


Compare and Contrast

I like the newer, smaller size. As most IT companies have proven, everything gets smaller without being less powerful. If our fingertips were tinier and our eyes could see microscopic buttons, cell phone dimensions would have shrunk to the size of postage stamps.

The Pax got smaller without losing any of its best qualities, yet gained in many regards. You get a bigger chamber, more battery power, and a higher price all at the same time. Mind you, the technology appears to be worth your investment. Customers have been very happy with Pax #1. Things can only get better.

More from Pax

This company is going through a transitional period and many products continue to bear the Ploom name but are associated with the Pax. There is the Nicotine Replacement Device using pods and flavors of tobacco herbs compatible with an original vaporizer.

Will the new company known as “Pax” continue along these lines, adding more hardware and accessories to their line? Time will tell. They have bought themselves many months since it will be that long before hype over V.2 dies down and customers become restless.

Pax 2 - Price Drop: Now $199.99 (was $279)

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