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Save Money With Vape Dojo

The guys at Vape Dojo want their customers to save money on e liquid and hardware. It seems a contradiction in terms, inviting clients to pay less for products, but the strategy tends to be popular with consumers who return again and again for more Vape Dojo e juice. Their $2 flat rate for shipping is a great deal too.

Referral Program

One way you can save money with almost any major e-juice or e-cig company in the United States is by making successful referrals. Let friends and family know that you think Vape Dojo is great. Their e juice is tasty and the customer service is good. Value is fabulous: they should buy some.

When a friend places an order and tells Vape Dojo you referred them, Vape Dojo gives everyone a price cut. The person who referred a sale receives 5% of the friend’s purchase. The friend receives 20% off. You can’t go wrong with referrals, so be bold and promote the business.

Starter Kits with Vape Dojo

Focusing on e juice has allowed Vape Dojo to find their niche and thrive, but they became successful enough to branch out and buy hardware too. Authentic starter bundles by Joye and Aspire are always good value, so if you are inexperienced or semi-experienced, these products are easy and economical to use.

E Juice in Bulk

You have probably already determined which ones are your favorite e juice flavors at Vape Dojo. Rather than buying small bottles with every order, purchase the largest size they’ve got. Dojo Classic flavors normally cost $5.99 for 20 ml but the 120-ml bottle is $29.99. That’s six times the volume for only five times the price, like getting 6 bottles for the price of 5.

Promo Dojo

Watch the internet for promo codes on review pages. They give you access to coupons customers can use to buy anything at Vape Dojo online.




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