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10% Off For New Customers

This coupon is a one time use for new customers

207 days left

Tame Your Vaping Beast With Vape Wild

Who or what is Vape Wild? This new company from Dallas, Texas, is growing quickly. They claim theirs is “one of the fastest growing online vapor companies in the U.S.” with a 24-hour turnaround on most orders.

They make e juice with high-quality ingredients from the United States, a wonderful introductory fact in a world where e juice is under scrutiny. Vape Wild also carries cheap e juice. They anticipate and answer your question before you even get the words out: How can they sell vapor juice so cheaply?

Cheap E Juice

Arrangements with wholesale companies allow Vape Wild to cut some excellent deals and spread the love by keeping costs low. It is no trick and they do not sacrifice quality in order to undercut the competition. You could say other e juice is simply overpriced.

Working Environment

Vape Wild also claims to provide an excellent setting to work in. Employees have fun but work hard. They take customer service seriously but still enjoy what they do. This atmosphere spreads over into pleasant exchanges with clients.

Customers Come First

Enjoy top-class benefits and service at Vape Wild. Their policy is to provide total customer satisfaction in an attempt to help people do away with tobacco in their lives. Shipping is free for orders above $30. The rewards program allows consumers to earn points when they spend money; points to use in place of money on future orders. Every order over $15 arrives with a free bottle of e juice too.

Sample Orders

Sometimes it is simply too hard to pick a single bottle of e juice or even two of them. Stop torturing yourself and buy a sample set: either the Holiday pack or an assortment of any 6 flavors. Both kits cost $16.99 and contain 60 ml of e juice in plastic bottles.

The Holiday pack contains Gingerbread Man, Frappapow, Butterbeer, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Snickerdoodle, and Sugar Cookie e juices. Frappapow tastes like strong cappuccino plus caramel.

Specify your vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol (VG/PG) blend: up to 80% VG or as little as 20%. Pick a nicotine amount between 0 and 24 mg with lots of increments in between so you can slowly cut back on nicotine if you are trying to do that: they don’t judge at Vape Wild.

E Juice Flavors

It is probably easiest if you separate juice flavors by their categories when you shop. Browsing alphabetically could take hours. There are breakfast, beverage, and candy sorts; dessert, fruit, tobacco, and menthol juices plus one called “Pretentious.”

Pretentious e juice, $99 for 5 ml, is their Space Pawn variety (currently sold out). Vape Wild refers to this as “the most premium e juice ever conceived” and made using “the finest ingredients ever imagined by man.”

It’s a blend of Densuke Watermelon, Wagyu Beef, Red Iranian Saffron, Matsutake Mushrooms, White Alba Truffle, and moon dust. Read the rest of the listing and have a good laugh at the expense of certain pretentious e juice labels before you move on to real e liquids.

Cereal e juices are all the rage right now. Take a spin with Captain Munch, Crunch Berry, or Rice Krisps for $2.99 (10 ml). You can also add an extra 50% of flavoring. Some of the fruits of their labor are (S+C)2 or strawberries and cream, BaeBae Cakes (blackberry and blueberry), Banana Candy, and Blue Blizzard blueberry-menthol.

If you prefer to inhale your drinks, try a Blue Lemon Squeezy, Crème de Menthe, Jamaican Me Crazy (molasses and coconut rum), or Peach Tea. Top tobaccos include Peace Pipe, Reds, and USA Blend. The last one is smooth but full; Reds is also rich and smooth; and Peace Pipe is sweet and light.

Hardware at Vape Wild

You can pick up a few pieces of hardware and accessories at Vape Wild. There are Aspire, Uwell, Joyetech, and Kanger items in stock.

It’s always easy to see how much a product costs and what it is: dawdling over an item brings up the Quick View. Look up further information when you click on a product. I love this feature which makes browsing faster.

The Uwell Crown is $29.99. Buy the eGo One starter kit for $39.99. The Kanger Subox Nano costs $56.99. Kanthal wire, Japanese Organic Cotton, replacement coils, and battery cases are also on the list.


Since the e juice mentioned above is made to order, it isn’t steeped when customers receive it. In this section, items are pre-steeped and ready to go in their 30-ml amber glass bottles which protect contents from the effects of UV rays.

The six items are (S+C)2, Circus Bear (banana and strawberry custard), Fruit Hoops, On Cloud Custard, Smurf Cake (Blueberry Cream Pie), and Sweet Complexity (loads of fruits and other flavors). The price per bottle is $9.99 except the last one, now on sale for $7.99.

Shop at Vape Wild

What would make a person ditch their current e juice brand and switch to Vape Wild?

Price is an excellent incentive. Another is the chance to get 10% off your order by subscribing and to receive email coupons. Military personnel receive a discount. Vape Wild has already initiated giveaways; can the next one be far behind?

There is a rewards program designed to keep your custom which supplies 10 points per dollar spent. Once you have accumulated 1,500 points, receive $5 off or save up less than twice that number of points for double the reward. Refer a friend and earn the same rewards for every dollar he or she spends. Buying e juice has never been cheaper: has Vape Wild gotten your attention yet?

10% Off For New Customers

This coupon is a one time use for new customers

207 days left

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