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Examining the Vapor Nation website, they could almost pass for a country. They have virtually written a constitution, at least one for vapers, and their selection of exports is admirable.

Vapor Nation has not neglected their education system including some information about good health, so that could count as a health system too. In terms of world power, this would the beginning of a well-rounded, democratic, autonomous country.

Vapor Nation 2017 Coupon Codes

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Vapor Nation Flag

As far as Vapor Nation is concerned, Southern California counts as headquarters but all of America (and even Canada) is their dominion. They sell vaporizers of all sizes and descriptions and also vape mods for e juice.

Theirs is an equal-opportunity website with no special preference for one type of vaping or another; for a particular material or power system. All vapers are equal under the Vapor Nation flag.


Their website is extremely well organized, probably more so than any world government. It has to be. If Vapor Nation did not divide information soundly, there would be chaos here because of the abundance of detail and shopping options available to customers.

Shop using the following filters:

• By brand
• By price
• Considering the type of device you want
• According to highest-rated products
• Perusing the most popular

A guide for buyers also helps you determine which model or models would be ideal. Your selection is based on the size of unit (desktop or portable), material or materials you want to vape, and either how you hope for this unit to be powered (portables by butane, flame, or rechargeable battery) or the delivery method (whip or balloon).

Explore e juice, mods, vaporizers, and accessories. Choose spare parts and even look for them under a sub-heading for the specific brand you are using. Vapor Nation’s website is user friendly in the extreme.

Since 2008

Vapor Nation is based in Marina Del Rey where they have been supplying customers with products and service since 2008. Their staff is not huge but they look like one solid team; a real family judging by their pictures.

As an online retailer, they provide lower prices than brick and mortar stores naturally due to low overheads, but they are also the major or only retailer for just about every brand there is, and this gives them big buying power. Buying power, in turn, enables them to purchase orders in such large amounts they can sell for less than anyone else.

There is even a low-price guarantee, shipping is free, and they send gifts with every vaporizer sold. Vapor Nation sends out envoys: affiliates. They earn cash by promoting the company and encouraging vapers to emigrate from other “nations” to this e-tail site.

Brands at Vapor Nation

Here are just some of the many brands you will find at Vapor Nation in no particular order. They have Magic Flight, Arizer, White Rhino, and KandyPens. Vapor Nation’s e juice is supplied by Vapor Blunt, NicQuid, Rejuve, and others. Devices and accessories by Cloupor, Kamry, and Eleaf are also available.

Top Ranking

At Vapor Nation, you can find out what the top 25 devices are as a way to start filtering your selection. Explore a mixture of handheld and desktop vaporizers used for various purposes (herbal, wax, or liquid) and in multiple ways (as whip or forced air units). Their prices range widely. A list of 25 might seem excessive, but there are dozens of vaporizers available on this website.

Read about the Vapir Rise, Pinnacle Pro, or 7th Floor Silver Surfer. A Vapor Brothers Vaporizer, Storz & Bickel Volcano, and the Davinci Ascent are all on this list. You will notice that some brands are represented by multiple models.

Box Mods

High watt mods for e liquids are also popular with vapers because they are temperature-regulated. You can change watts and make them suitable for any type of materials with the right tank (also listed). This goes for the Innokin iTaste MVP (versions 2.0 and 3.0), Innokin VV4, and an ELeaf iStick.

Newest Items

These are all dated, so you know nothing listed here has been on the chart for 6 months, long after it should have been removed. Vapor Nation has recently added the Vaporite Jade 900-mah juice pen, a Flytlab H2Flo Convection Portable Herb Vaporizer with water attachment, and the Cloud Pen 3.0 with various atomizers.

Most Popular

The highest rated and most popular items are similar but not the same. You still see a lot of Arizer and Storz & Bickel items. I also noticed the Haze and Sonic.

Popularity is determined partially by good reviews but also by affordability. Each product comes with sub-headings for specifications and reviews so you can see exactly what people said about it and when.

A page dedicated to reviews will guide you straight to customer comments for each item. Don’t just search by stars alone: find out how many reviews have been written and how recent they are. Read what clients have to say about the PUFFiT X, Atmos Liv, Cloud V Terra, and Wulf Vape SX. Explore reasons for ratings of the Pulsar Lux and Flashvape, divided into value, performance, and other categories.

Learning at Vapor Nation

I went to the section relating to education to find out more about convection and conduction heating. New methods are also coming along, but the two main ones are conduction (heat applied directly to the material) and convection (heated air flowing through material.

I learned that pens are generally conduction heaters so herbs are not vaporized as successfully using these devices as they are with the convection method in a portable or desktop mod. Dry materials will usually burn. I could have also learned about optimal temperatures for wax, e liquid, and herbs, different power sources for vaporizers, and how to control temperature with various systems.

Crossing Over

There is a lot to gain and virtually nothing to lose by switching from any other vape vendor to Vapor Nation. There is always room for more citizens.

10% Off Sitewide



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