Vaporfi Affiliate Program

Have you heard about the way some vapers are making money doing what they love anyway? It’s called affiliate marketing: a way to earn money by merely spreading the word about a particular brand of electronic cigarettes but without having to carry products, handle shipping, take money, give change, or deal with complaints.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn a bit of cash. It might not generate reliable enough income to pay your mortgage, but you don’t have to do very much. Vaporfi’s affiliate program is one of the hottest because theirs is the top brand of electronic cigarettes in the country.

Vaporfi Affiliates Make Money

You probably want to choose just a couple brands initially to promote. That makes your statements about the worthiness of a brand sound a little more authentic, and of course there are plenty of products to try out, even from just one single brand, if you want to have thorough coverage of them.

If you choose Vaporfi, you have opted to work with one of the most successful labels which can be both good and bad. Many other customers want to become affiliates too so more people are sharing profits, making smaller slices for everyone.

At the same time, new customers are signing up every day and they bring repeat business with them. As someone with an existing internet presence, some of those could be your readers and followers; consumers who possibly wouldn’t have bought from Vaporfi if not for your efforts at promoting the brand.

The Vaporfi System

First of all, make sure you have a website that’s still viable and pledge to update it regularly with new information. Next, email Vaporfi about becoming an affiliate. There is no cost.

Marketers earn 25% of the cost of starter kits purchased by customers who used their links. Once a link has been established to your account, Vaporfi’s system automatically alerts you to the latest commission you have earned. You receive a 1-year cookie plus second-tier commission if you sign on a new affiliate and his marketing leads to a sale.

Affiliate Tools

Vaporfi offers several tools through the affiliate program which participants can access at any time. They can opt for a URL with their name attached, use several marketing graphics, and look to a specialized team for support and answers. They get access to a keyword list which supports their SEO on websites where they write about pertinent subjects.

Pertinent Subjects

The best way to market e cigs online is to use a platform that makes sense. Some search engines can penalize irrational connections anyway (e cigs connected to a parenting site, for instance).

SEO writing is most successful (and affiliate marketing as well) when one links Vaporfi to a page dedicated to smoking alternatives or e cig-related topics, as opposed to just throwing it in there because the site receives traffic.

Granted that is another way that some brands advertise online, as they have ads show up on random sites, such as Yahoo etc., which are targeted to the individual’s data, but initially you’ll be best off doing a review site and writing about vaping subject matter.

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