Vaporfi Custom Vaporizer Builder

Vaporfi puts customers in the driver’s seat in so many ways. You can choose from several models of e cig, request your personal blend of e juice, and even build an e cig. The Vaporfi Custom Vaporizer Builder is an optional way to buy a starter kit from the leading brand of vaporizers in America.

Starter Kit System

Usually, a starter kit provides two features: savings and convenience. They provide every essential item for use with a specific model of electronic vaporizer which includes chargers, a tank, and a battery. Often this package is cheaper than ordering items individually, but clients are stuck in one respect: they have to go with the vendor’s notion of what fits together. Customers don’t like being told what to do but they’ll go with the flow in order to save money. At least they know all the parts inside their kit are compatible.

The Customizable Difference

A Custom Vaporizer Builder from Vaporfi doesn’t save you money, but there are two advantages to ordering from this section. You retain the certainty that all parts fit together: chargers, batteries, tanks, and extra atomizers. Also, this is a way to mix and match parts which, though compatible, wouldn’t ordinarily be sold as a package.

How it Works

Step #1 of building your custom e cig is selecting a battery. Vaporfi offers two types of Pro (650 mAh and 1000 mAh) and the Rocket VV battery because they and their accompanying tanks fit each other’s threading design. The 650-mAh cell costs $24.99. Add $5 for another 350 mAh or pay $49.99 for the Rocket. Pro batteries come in 10 colors and the Rocket is available in either black or stainless steel.

Step #2 involves selecting a tank of which there are currently four (one of which is being phased out.) The Pro-L is currently on sale for $9.98 and only available in 3 of its original 10 colors. Don’t expect it to last. The replacement, a Pro-L II costs $14.99 in the same 10 hues found in the Pro battery section. A Rocket Tank costs $39.99 in black or stainless steel. Try the stainless steel Platinum II for $24.99.

As you select these items a sidebar on the right side of your screen shows it taking shape. Both color and tank design are depicted so that you don’t have to try and imagine what a tank with windows or a transparent tank will look like against a cell or the way colors will blend or clash.

Add Extras

Each battery comes with a USB charger automatically, but an AC adapter is sold separately for $8.99. You can add this plus a packet of five 1.5-ohm atomizers for $19.99. Under the picture of your vaporizer, prices are automatically tallied until you wind up with the total cost of your starter kit, but you can start again at any time.

Save Money

While there are no discounts for this package on their website, customers can still save money on their custom-built vaporizer. Sign up to receive an electronic newsletter and receive 10% off your first order plus the chance to enjoy future discounts, and of course you can use our 12% promo code.

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