Vaporfi Edge Sub Ohm Kit

Vaporfi is always on the cutting edge of e cig technology. They were among the first and few e cig companies in the United States to introduce multiple levels of vaping equipment — from the mini cig through intermediate levels, and right to a sub ohm box mod plus related tanks and accessories. Their assortment of goodies is always changing and now you can buy their latest vapor-making tool: the Vaporfi Edge.

At the Edge of Vaping Technology

The Edge is Vaporfi’s newest sub ohm vaporizer. It is a cylinder, so if you thought all sub ohm devices were boxes think again. Box mods get a lot of the hype, but Vaporfi’s Edge vaporizer is an exceptional machine.

Vaporfi Edge ModsPower House Battery

Most of the high-watt vaporizers you find right now are boxes and few cylinders that produce more than 50 watts. The Edge is a 100-watt vaporizer using an 1800-mAh cell.

With 100 watts, you can really take advantage of sub ohm coils on atomizers like the TFV4, Phantom, and Atlantis. A fancy RDA would not be out of place here either, but Vaporfi has made a complementary atomizer tank for their new device.

Non-Adjustable Cell

The major difference between an Edge vaporizer and box mods is that it’s not adjustable. You will achieve a certain output by attaching a particular coil resistance (down to 0.1 ohms, as much as 3.5 ohms) and choosing airflow. The Edge battery costs $54.99. Use it with tanks by Vaporfi and competitors (the Rebel, Volt, Rocket, Lemo 2, Subtank Plus, etc.) A voltage indicator light lets you know when recharging would be a good idea.

The Big Edge Tank

There are a few big tanks out there on the general vaping market but few that hold up to 7 ml of e juice. The Edge tank is clear all the way around: no windows inside a metal tube. Vaporfi provides green O-rings to break up all that glass and steel with some brightness and contrast. Buy the tank separately for $59.99 and attach it to any 510-threaded APV like your Smok XCube or iStick 100W.

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Edge Tank Specs

The top cap holds a removable drip tip made from stainless steel, matching other metal components like the top and bottom caps. The tube is constructed from glass and since glass is breakable Vaporfi provides a replacement with the tank. Glass is still better than plastic or even polycarbonate: there is no cross-over between material and flavor, even when the Edge becomes very hot. Glass does not release toxic or bad-tasting fumes.

An airflow valve at the bottom lets consumers change air circulation. Vaporfi supplies ideas for which holes to use (small, medium, or large) at which times. For example, a 45W setup works well with a medium-sized airflow opening. For 75-watt vaping, you want the largest hole open. If you are vaping at a low output, stick with the smallest hole.

At the Edge of Pricing

It’s often a shame that when commenting on Vaporfi’s excellent products you end on a downer: the price. This time I can report an up-side because the kit only costs $129.99. Clients receive a battery, tank, replacement tube, USB charger, AC adapter, spare coil, and drip tip. A 100-watt vaporizer is often priced around $60 to $100. Then you have to add a tank for $25 to $40. You might pay a little bit less somewhere else but the margin is small.

Here there is the bonus that you are doing business with Vaporfi. When you make a purchase with them, share this purchase on Facebook, refer a friend, or have a birthday, you earn points that get you discounts on Vaporfi e juice and accessories. Purchase the Edge in black or silver and use the points you make to try one of their three lines of affordable, quality USA-made e liquid. You will probably prefer Reserve or Grand Reserve e juices since they are designed for sub ohm coils.


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