VaporFi Stratus

VaporFi’s Orbit vaporizer is a decent product; a wireless, rechargeable herbal vaporizer with few controls that is simple to operate and affordably priced. Several versions similar to this product exist in the vaporizer market place categorized as portable or handheld devices and they are generally low-tech with no screen or temperature adjustment buttons. VaporFi added more features and came up with the Stratus.

VaporFi Stratus

This is the Orbit all grown up with an OLED screen and three buttons: one to turn it on, one to dial down the temperature, and one to raise the temperature of your oven. The shape is similar to that of an Orbit: a one-piece product of red or black. It’s a light device weighing under ¼ of a pound, yet the Stratus offers 2200 mAh of battery capacity.

Stratus Parameters

Select a temperature between 350F and 430F, depending on the material you use and personal taste. Built-in controls permit changes in increments of 1ºF for superior accuracy and customization.

Preheating the VaporFi Stratus will take about one minute. Six vents let out gases from the battery chamber. Considering there’s a 2200-mAh battery inside this device, it would become pretty hot without those openings. Your cell is built-in so you have to recharge it via the USB port.

Efficient Heating Chamber

VaporFi designed their thermal Stratus heating chamber out of metal to retain heat and produce few or no gaseous emissions. Accurate heat settings and a great design ensure you will bake your herbs, not combust them. That is the difference between a vaporizer and a cigarette: your tobacco is not burning, and burning is what releases toxins that kill smokers.

Inside the VaporFi Stratus Kit

A starter bundle costing $129.99 contains essentials and a few little extras. You receive a USB charging cable but also an AC wall adapter for times when there is no laptop or other USB power source to rely on (such as a portable power bank, the Innokin iTaste MVP, for instance).

The mouthpiece is made from black acrylic and is included with your starter kit, but it can become very hot during a long session of vaping. VaporFi supplies three silicone covers to go over the top.

Use these to protect your lips from burning, but also to prevent the spread of germs when sharing this vaporizer with friends. Place a silicone cover over the top when your vaporizer is in a bag and this will keep the mouthpiece clean.

The set contains a packing tool, useful for ensuring ground herbs are loaded to the bottom so you can see when the chamber is almost full. You don’t want to overfill the Stratus. Leave a little room and don’t pack materials too tightly. Air circulation promotes greater efficiency so you vaporize more of the herbs in your chamber and more fully than otherwise.

Save at VaporFi

When you order the VaporFi Stratus, you automatically start earning reward points. Customers receive 1 point for every $1 they spend. With 200 points, customers earn the chance to spend $20 on VaporFi products. A purchase of the Stratus brings you more than half-way there.

Write a review of this herbal vaporizer, share your purchase on Facebook and Twitter, and remain a customer at least long enough to have a birthday. You’ll soon reach 200 points for $20 off to buy whatever new herbal gadget VaporFi comes up with next.

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