Vaporfi Vox II Mod Kit

The box mod format has become a big sensation among advanced vapers. Manufacturers have hastily released various versions: the Kanger KBox and Subox; Sigelei 150W, Smok 50 and M80 Plus, Eleaf 10, 20, 30, and 50W, and the Hana Modz DNA 40.

These are just some of dozens that you can find, mostly made in China, but a few (like the Hana Modz) built in the USA. Vaporfi designs their products but does not build them. They got on the box mod bandwagon before the notion really took off. Still, as usual, Vapofi was ahead of the game.

First Vox Mod

Last year, they released a Vaporfi Vox 50W which combined the look of a box with a tube and was a stunning player.

Its unique design gave it a stylistic edge over the rest while providing all the cutting-edge elements the best variable watt mods were capable of.

It was protected by an internal chip; there was a kit available featuring an RDA, and it had a screen on it showing resistance, volts, watts, and the level of your battery.

Vaporfi Vox II Mod

Not content to leave things as they are for long, VaporFi got hold of their mod and adjusted it until it took the shape you now see: the Vox II.

Today’s version has a few tweaks both in function and design.

Up close this is a lovely item that looks big in pictures but not when seen in the palm of someone’s hand. Its 94 mm x 43 mm x 24 mm measurements are actually very small.

You could pop this little 2200-mAh mod in your pocket without a tank attached. The battery comes out of its stainless steel case but you can vape while charging too.

A bright OLED screen still shows all you need to see. This is placed between three buttons: two up/down buttons and one on/off button, all of which are flush with the case.

Internal protection safeguards against low voltage, low resistance, a shorted circuit, reverse polarity, over-discharge, and high temperatures. This last feature is what consumers have been looking for in recent months.

The Full Kit

With your choice of tank or RDA and a USB charging cable, the kit for a Vaporfi Vox II Mod costs $199.99 ($30 less on its own).

It’s not inexpensive, but Vaporfi is a popular brand. Customers choose from a selection of 3 atomizers.

The Bolt is an RDA which was made for the original Vox.

A Volt Hybrid was designed with the Vox II and various competing RTAs in mind. Like the Subtank Plus and many other sub-ohm tanks, this one is compatible with a pre-built coil head but also arrives with an RBA head so you can build coils to a minimum 0.2 ohms.

Artisan E Juice

Now it is possible to make those sub-ohm liquids count. While Firebrand, The Standard, Velvet Vapors, and Charlie Noble all make excellent thick juices, Vaporfi recently introduced their Artisan series containing 60% vegetable glycerin.

A 30-ml glass bottle from their selection of 6 flavors costs $21.99. That’s pretty good value if you like the selection: lemon/raspberry, vanilla tobacco, banana custard, creamy hazelnut chocolate, cherry cola, or melon-berry-guava with mint.

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