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Take it anyway you like: Velvet Vapors are for veteran vapers; people with style and high expectations. Velvet Vapors is for veterans of the US Armed Services, made by a USAF veteran.

Velvet Vapors are veterans in the business of 4+ years (probably even more than 5 years, depending on when their website was last updated). If it were not for the fact that “Veteran Vapors” was already taken, Kat might have chosen that name for herself. Then again, the name she chose says a lot more about her hand-mixed gourmet e juices, and that is what customers are focused on: the e juice.

Velvet Vapors Coupon Codes

$12 for 50mL Sale Flavors

Velvet Vapors Review: E Juice from Tucson, Arizona

Kat makes more than 230 products, but I would hazard a guess that she includes each flavor in every possible format in that tally. Each time a flavor is classified differently (as organic, propylene glycol-free, or natural), I think it is added again.

She certainly carries a lot of flavors but not 230 individual tastes. That’s fine by me: what she has to offer is plenty, if somewhat confusing.

A Bit of Confusion

For instance, when you select the propylene glycol (PG)-only or vegetable glycerin (VG)-only heading, flavors appear and you click on one. Among customization tools is the option to ask for VG or PG.

Obviously, you want one or the other: that’s why you clicked on the site just here. Some reorganization might help clear things up. Perhaps the site can be rid of the PG- and VG-only headings, maybe even “Organic” and “Natural.” These options might be listed below a flavor instead.

Also, under “sale” items, I noticed that juices presented on the page were not reduced in price. Hardware under the “sale” heading is shown at the discounted price, however.

Types of Juice

The usual list of flavor headings is present: sweets, desserts and pastries, tobacco, mint, candies, and more.

Many flavors overlap. For instance, some drinks are both beverages and sweets.

Certain desserts are also fruits. Regardless of the mix you ask for, whether it is made with all-natural flavoring, organic ingredients, or all-PG, the price does not change: $2.75 for 3 ml; several bottle sizes, some glass and others plastic; 0 to 36 mg of nicotine per/ml.

Organic and Natural Flavors

Organic flavors include Blackberry, Green Apple, Coconut, and Ginger. Choose natural selections (they are all fruits) like Apricot, Bananas Foster, Butterscotch Cheesecake, Ginger Ale, and Glazed Donut. PG-free (you might call this natural too) could be Black Cherry, Banana, Cherry Cola, Cinnamint, or English Toffee.

New Types of Juice

This section is not really new, but contains the latest Velvet Vapors flavors. They were here last I looked and remain, yet to be displaced by other new offerings. Try Divinity: a mix of caramel, coconut, nut, and cream with a light touch of spice. Fruit Loopz is a cereal style of vape.

Sweets and Desserts

Bavarian Cream, Berry Dream, and Key Lime Pie lend creaminess to this section of the menu. Coconut Cream Pie and Dulce de Leche are equally rich. French Toast sounds like a brunch e liquid, but if you topped it with Berry Dream that would make a wonderful summer blend. Peanut Butter Cookie will bring out the kid in you; just like Gummy Candy, Orange Creamsicle, and Black Licorice.

Mellow and Minty

It is Christmas all year in Vapeland: you will always find a yummy Candy Cane style e juice. Peppermint Mocha is a limited edition drink at coffee houses during December but a constant presence at Velvet Vapors. They also offer Mojito, Orange Mint, Menthol, and others.

Fun and Fruity

If the fruits above were not enough, take a look further luscious berries, orchard fruits, and exotic produce. Velvet Vapors makes a Citrus Blend, Cranberry, Grape, Honeydew Melon, Kiwi, and Mango. Choose the “real” thing, a candy style, or a fruity dessert.

Tastier Tobacco

You must admit: e liquid tobacco is a lot better tasting than toxic, burnt tobacco leaves. Your usual choices are present plus some not so usual tobaccos. Perique is an exotic addition, and so are Hookah flavors and Indonesian Clove. Stogie will put you in mind of Grandpa’s den and the Sunday Times.


Peruse hot and cold drinks; coffees and cocktails. Buttered Rum will put you in good spirits. Champagne doesn’t make you tipsy when it’s just e juice. Caramel Latte’s are way more expensive at the coffee shop. A Cola Float and Egg Nog would add unwanted calories if you weren’t vaping them.

Savory Finish

Last are savory flavors. They don’t belong anywhere else on their own but could be blended with other styles for a neat combo. For instance, Macadamia would go nicely with many tobaccos. Herb Garden and Popcorn might make a neat team.


Velvet Vapors did not get its start by buying hardware at wholesale discounts to sell on to customers. They added this to their collection because that’s what you do to compete.

Their prices are reasonable. With sale selections too, you could pick up a bargain.

They have several box mods; the popular product for cloud-chasing vapers into Velvet Vapors all-VG selections. Choose from the eGrip or iStick, iTaste SVD, and others. Velvet Vapors carries mods, atomizers, starter kits, and the basic accessories.


At the heart of Velvet Vapors, however, are e liquids. Choosing one out of dozens is often difficult, so buy one of several sample packs containing 3-ml bottles and up; some glass, some plastic. This will save you money as you explore the options and compare one brand’s version of a flavor with the other.

Maybe you already have some grape e juice by Vista Vapors and want another opinion. Perhaps a pina colada from Mount Baker Vapor is tasty but you think there is something better, and Velvet Vapors might have it. With samples, you don’t have to decide on one likely all day vape right away.


$12 for 50mL Sale Flavors

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