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I had not heard of VProCity before today and thought it was a good idea to explore their website. Were they selling a brand of e cigs or general vaping products?

I wondered if this was an all-purpose store, e liquid vendor, or the maker of an advanced mod. What I discovered was a very specific product range and target audience: the beginner to low-intermediate vaper.

2017 VPro City Coupon Codes

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Defining Levels

Vapers will start out with disposable e cigs, rechargeable cigalikes, or eGo-style devices. They all have simplicity in common. Disposables are the easiest but most wasteful version of beginner-level e cigs, and with the smallest range of flavors and nicotine values.

Companies like White Cloud, V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image, and many others sell e cigs for one-time use over the internet and from various retail locations. Most of them are automatically operated, with a few exceptions featuring button-activated atomizers such as Square Cigs.

Cigalikes look like disposables: both resemble analogs in terms of size, though not necessarily color. They are about the right size to be mistaken for real cigarettes but light up white, red, green, pink, or blue at the tip according to the brand. Rechargeable devices are fitted with cartomizers in various flavors and strengths and are sold separately or in bundles with chargers.

Automatic versions are much like disposables because there are no buttons to press, but they can be recharged up to 300 times and fitted with compatible clearomizers filled with e liquid or blank cartos for refilling. Brands include Halo, Vapor4Life, Cigavette, and South Beach Smoke.

Ego devices work like rechargeable, manual batteries: there is a firing button on the side which tells the atomizer to fire up and start making vapor. With a few exceptions (Magic Mist and Cigavette for example) one has to refill a clearomizer; pre-filled tanks are not available. Sometimes the clearomizer will be disposable, making this a 2-part system like a cigalike. If it is rebuildable, atomizer heads come with a starter kit and are also sold separately.

A VProCity Review

This last section represents the sole electronic selection at VProCity. They carry starter kits in the eGo and EVOD category (a style of eGo) plus MT3’s and clearomizers, starter kits, and Twist batteries (variable voltage batteries with a range of less than 2 full volts).

These are all familiar to people who have come across JoyeTech or Kanger items and are probably the same products, just with a different logo applied.

Customers can buy an eGo-C or eGo-T style kit with 1100, 1300 mAh, or 1500 mah. Their Vision Spinner 1650 Twist kit is another option.

Try the Mini Vivi Nova, H2 BCT, Mini Protank, CE4, and others. There are lots of color choices and many bundles available. The double eGo-C Twist, 1500-mAh bundle comes with 2 batteries, 2 CE4s, a charging kit, empty needle bottle, and a case for $29.99.

Their Connect Pulse Vape Pen 2-pack with a docking station costs $25.99. The 1300-mAh EVOD kit with 2 cells and 2 MT3s is priced just $19.99. Compare prices between VProCity and several other general vendors carrying eGos and EVODs. You will see these are very reasonable price tags.


E Liquid at VProCity

Review selection by categories: Fruit and Candy, Fruit Mixes, Tobacco, or Ice. Styles like mango, peach, Cherry Berry, Orange Peachie, Tropic Twist, and Cabana Cutie are refreshing in summer.

Tobacco flavors are named for cigarettes: Camel, Ark Royal, Rothmans, Esse, Cigar, and Tobacco. Their selection of Icy flavors features Vanilla Cola, Cherry Cola, Mountain Dew, and Spearmint. Choose from just 3 nicotine values: 0, 14, or 24 mg. A 20-ml bottle sells for the very low price of $4.49.

The resumé for VProCity’s liquids is not bad, listing GMP, SGS, and KFDA compliance. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification provider.

KFDA refers to the Korean Food and Drug Administration. Is this juice made in Korea then? That is unusual. At least, this juice meets certification standards I don’t usually see applied to Chinese juice, but I’m not sure how American consumers would equate this to US standards.

Still, care is taken to produce juice safely. I would like to see some more information about nicotine purity, FEMA/GRAS flavoring, and propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin quality.

A bit of math shows that e liquid costs less than $0.25 per/ml; probably the cheapest price around. Juice is steeped ahead of time, not bottled fresh per orders. That’s why you will sometimes find that a particular nicotine value is sold out when you attempt to place an order.

Stock Levels

If a product, color, or strength is out of stock, this is indicated right away. This general rule applied to batteries, liquid, and accessories. Most of the time stock levels were very good.


Using the affiliate marketing program, consumers who buy from VProCity promote their products while vaping. They yield financial benefits. Vapers advertise by indulging their passion for e cigs and this is a low cost place to shop, so affiliates can potentially enjoy considerable success. They only earn 10% commission, but conversion rates are reportedly higher than usual. You receive a 30-day cookie to start with.

Company Details

VProCity is based in Newark, California, which is ironic. Considering how cheap these products are, I thought this was a Chinese company. I was also surprised because it is typical for vendors in California to be drawn to gourmet juice and high-end products.

That’s the point, I guess. The advanced market has been looked after already. VProCity chooses a price point that should entice a lot of people who are new to e cigs.


$5 Instant Savings for New Customers

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